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The Ultimate Robot Mower Comparison Guide

Here is a table of all the robot lawn mowers currently on the market. We put this together to give you an easy way to compare all robot mowers currently available so you can find the models that will suit your needs. We hope this helps you find the information that you are after. 

There are a lot of robot lawn mowers available on the market and they all have different capabilities.

Important Robot Lawn Mower Specifications

For simplicity, we have listed all models with the most important specifications so you can choose the ones you want.

These two measurements, lawn size and lawn gradient are the most important for choosing the best robot mower as they are the major limits for what model will suit your lawn.

Lawn Area

Lawn area is one of the most important measurements that you will need when buying a robot mower as it will show you what is the smallest mower you will need to buy that will be capable of cutting your lawn.

There is no problem in buying a robot mower that can cut a lawn bigger than the one you have so if you want a model with more features that can cut double the area of your lawn this is not a problem.

If you dont know your lawn size first visit our guide on how to measure lawn size.

Lawn Gradient

The other very important measurement you will need to get the right robot mower is the slope of your lawn. This is very important if you have a lawn that has a bit of a slope because all robot mowers have an internal tilt sensor that will stop the mower cutting if it tilts too far.

Also the mower can simply not have enough grip with its wheels to climb a hill if it is too steep.

Here is our guide on to show you the easiest way how to measure grade of yard.

We have also included the gradient in % not in degrees here. Again, please convert to this unit if you need to so you can find the right models for you. 

Robot Mower Comparison Table

BrandModelMax Lawn Area (m²)Max Lawn GradientProduct LinkReview
AmbrogioGREEN L6020050%
AmbrogioGREEN L15 Deluxe60045%
AmbrogioGREEN L3280045%
AmbrogioGREEN L210280045%
AmbrogioPRO L35 Basic120045%
AmbrogioPRO L35 Deluxe180045%
AmbrogioPRO L85 Elite220055%
AmbrogioPRO L250 Deluxe260045%
AmbrogioPRO L259i Elite320045%
AmbrogioPRO L250i Elite s+500045%
AmbrogioPRO L350i Elite700045%
AmbrogioPRO L400i Basic1000045%
AmbrogioPRO L400i Deluxe2000045%
AmbrogioNEXT Twenty Deluxe70045%
AmbrogioNEXT Twenty Elite100045%
AmbrogioNEXT 4.0 Basic220045%Review
AmbrogioNEXT 4.0 Elite350045%
AmbrogioNEXT 4.36 Elite600045%
BoschIndego 35035027%Review
BoschIndego 40040027%
BoschIndego S+ 35035027%
BoschIndego S+ 40040027%
BoschIndego M+ 70070027%
Cub cadetXR3 3000200036%
Cub cadetXR3 4000300036%
Cub cadetXR3 5000400036%
FlymoEasiLife 20020035%
FlymoEasiLife 50050035%
FlymoEasiLife 35035035%
GardenaSILENO city25035%
GardenaSILENO city50035%
GardenaSILENO life75035%
GardenaSILENO life100035%
GardenaSILENO life125035%
HondaMiimo 4040045%
HondaMiimo 40 Live40045%
HondaMiimo 310150045%
HondaMiimo 520150045%
HondaMiimo 3000400045%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 10560025%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 115H160030%
HusqvarnaAutomower 310100040%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 315160040%
HusqvarnaAutomower 315X160040%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 430X320045%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 430XH320045%
HusqvarnaAutomower 450X500045%
HusqvarnaAutomower 450XH500045%
HusqvarnaAutomower 435X AWD360070%
HusqvarnaAutomower 550500045%
HusqvarnaAutomower 550H500045%
HusqvarnaAutomower 535 AWD360070%
IrobotTerra t7Review
John deereTANGO E5 Series II220035%
MccullochROB S60060035%
MccullochROB S40040035%
MccullochROB R1000100025%Review
MccullochROB R60060025%
RobomowRC312 Pro S200036%
RobomowRC308 Pro150036%
RobomowRC308u Connect150036%
RobomowRS635 Pro SV500036%
RobomowRS625 Pro X400036%
StihlRMI 42280035%
StihlRMI 422 P150040%
StihlRMI 422 PC170040%
StihlRMI 632300045%
StihlRMI 632 P400045%
StihlRMI 632 C320045%
StihlRMI 632 PC500045%
WorxLandroid M WR140100036%Review
WorxLandroid M WR143100036%
WorxLandroid M WR150200036%
WorxLandroid M WR153200036%

We hope this robot mower comparison list helped you find the robot mower you are looking for.

If you want to see our top reccomendations you will find our Top Robot Mowers here.

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