Find the Best Robot Lawn Mower - Personal Reviews and Buyers Guide

 Here at the Robot Mower Center we want to help you find the best Automatic Lawn Mower to keep your house looking amazing. 10 years ago an automatic lawnmower was a dream but now they are a reality. Technology is amazing. 

But with all technology its a little more complicated than that, there are a lot of different things that you should consider when buying a robot lawnmower and we are here to help. We have given you our top recommendations for the best mowers to buy depending on your budget and the size of your yard. 


Best Robot Mowers


Many ask, “Why buy a Robot Lawn Mower”- Simple because it makes life easier

Often times, you may find yourself and even others asking the question, “why buy an autonomous lawnmower”. Before debating which type of mower is handier, let us just talk about the usability and features of each, compare them, and then decide which type of mower best suits your requirements. A majority of Americans ponder on the question of whether they should purchase an automated lawnmower or not?

Yet, you will find that a large number of Americans indulge in purchasing robot lawnmowers.

Today, this machine has become almost a necessity in the majority of households. Let’s have a look at some statistics to prove this point. A study was conducted which found that approximately 70% of Americans enjoy tending to their lawns rather than hiring a professional. Based on research that was carried out in the year 2009, around 115 million households were using automatic lawnmowers to trim their lawns/gardens.

If robot owers are so handy, then why don’t we make the best of them? People must be made aware of their benefits!!!

Over the years, robotic lawnmowers have proven to be a handy aid when it comes to lawn care. They are:

  • Efficient and effective.
  • Highly convenient.
  • The safest way to trim the lawn.
  • Most environmentally friendly.
  • Less time consuming and do not require physical presence.
  • Avoids Hayfever.

These are but a few basic benefits that you will avail when using an automatic mower.

Today the market and demand for robot lawnmowers have grown exponentially. The reason for this popularity is due to the varying preference and criteria. Since some people may have a lawn/ garden that is too large or small, also the topography of the landscape may differ as well. Based on the stated factors, the battery, grip, and other aspects of the robot lawnmower are considered. The categories in robotic lawnmowers vary mainly in terms of the features that they provide.

The basic difference between a traditional lawnmower and a robotic lawnmower

To state the obvious, traditional lawnmowers are not only outdated but are also no longer as feasible or efficient as the new and advanced robot lawnmowers. Automatic mowers are also reviewed to be much more trendy while not only being more modern in terms of their compatibilities and stylish body types but also because these new edition robot lawnmowers are highly effective and efficient when it comes to lawn care.

Though people could debate on this aspect, as every new edition or trending product is not always preferred or viewed to be more effective in comparison to their former edition. If this were true, people would prefer Gelato over Ice cream and Laptops over Tablets. Though it is safe to assume that a majority of people ‘do’ prefer a self-cutting lawn mower as they are viewed to be more helpful in comparison to a traditional lawnmower. But at the end of the day, everyone has their own preference. But when it comes to lawnmowers, we firmly believe that owning one is the smart choice.

best robot mower

The Benefits of a Robotic Lawnmower:

  • Robot lawnmowers have advanced and more practical features that come handy in lawn care while also playing out as an advantage in comparison to the traditional lawnmowers. The defining traits of robotic lawnmowers are that they save time since lawnmowing is a lengthy and physically tiring task, plus, they also cater to the lawn with the utmost efficiency.
  • Robot mowers are multi-functional and are adaptable to weather alterations. They are well functional with all-weather tools allowing them to operate even when the lawn is wet or filled with gravels. So there are no additional measures that need to be taken care of before deploying your robot lawnmower to tend to your lawn/garden.
  • Who does not want a fancy garden/ lawn? Everyone knows that hiring professionals for lawn care and to make a garden/ lawn look fancy is quite expensive. However, the best part of having a commercial robotic lawn mower is that they have features such as pattern options and pre-programmable or adjustable modes that provide you with the results that are similar in comparison to a professional's work while also proving to be cheaper and more efficient. These are seen as defining benefits that you avail by owning a robot lawnmower without having to work hard from your end.
  • While mowing a lawn, many things could go wrong, especially if you do not have an artistic side to you. Since the most common issue is precision or adjusting to a certain length gardens/ lawns/yards have to be trimmed to. Whereas this issue is resolved with the help of a robot grass mower. To add gravity to the point of precisely mowing a lawn to an even length, when Honda robot lawnmower was lanched, the features of adjusting the cutting length and patterns were extensively advertised and highlighted.
  • Based on various reviews and customer feedback, you will find numerous people find robotic mowers to be extremely efficient, convenient, and ideal help when catering to the needs of their lawns/ gardens. There are many people who had a hard time while deciding to switch from manual to robotic lawnmowers, but when they did, they were more than happy to have made that choice.

Pointers to keep in mind:

  • Drone lawnmowers require their batteries to be charged so that it can keep working. Almost every robot lawn mower out there completes this task automatically when on its charging station. It has been viewed as an added expense and a nuisance by some, this feature is used as an excuse to undermine all the benefits that come with owning a robotic lawnmower.
  • It is a common misconception that people view robot lawnmowers to be expensive. Whereas they are available in the market at the various price range, varying on the basis of the features that they provide. Robot lawnmowers are undeniably quite handy due to their features while also seen as remarkably effective and efficient in lawn/ garden care.
  • Another thing that robot lawnmowers ensure is to eliminate any kind of waste or mess, especially noise pollution.

Are you still asking why buy an Autonomous Lawn Mower?

The pointers above are evident and clear to persuade anyone on the advantages of how essential robot lawnmowers are to take care of your lawn or garden. The purchase of a lawn robot is a one-time expense, though the immediate purchase is high, there are even a few added costs that are also applied later such as the machinery’s maintenance or charging.

Since these expenses are relatively low, they are not taken into account. On the other hand, they provide a lot of benefits, in the long term, they prove to be much cheaper than hiring lawn care professionals while also being highly convenient and this is why smart people mostly opt for robot lawnmowers.

The latest robot lawnmowers that are introduced are not only featured with professional adjustable lawn pattering and designing but also is environmentally friendly. The best robot mowers in the market are seen to be enticing and appealing and since they are designed to be as helpful as possible. More and more customers today opt for purchasing robot lawnmower.

Market trends

There are various compatible sizes, shapes, and features in robot lawnmowers. Some of the most demanded/ sold and known robot lawnmowers consist of, Husqvarna Automower, Worx Landroid, Roomba Mower, Stihl Robot Mower, Flymo Robotic Lawnmower, and few others. Each of them is filled with the latest features that provide nothing but the best in terms of providing a convenient lawn mowing experience. They all have their own credibility and oriented customers that believe the Roomba mower to be an asset for them. This is because they cater to their lawn without requiring any form of monitoring. Owners are then able to carry out other tasks that are more essential while leaving the robot to deal with the lawn which alone is a time-consuming task.

Why is the year 2020 featured to present the best robotic lawnmowers? 

Approximately, an average American invests 70 hours per year catering to their lawn. The same time can be used to perform various other tasks that have greater importance. By investing time in those important tasks, owners can utilize their time much more efficiently.

Nowadays, there are machines for almost every job. Especially when it comes to availing assistance for chores, the key examples are high tech robot mops, robot vacuums, and many others. Since each year, the urge for every American to have a bigger yard grows. Consequently, the rise to acquire effective lawn care also increases. So likewise, when it comes to lawn chores we also seek the assistance of modern and more advanced robotic lawn mowers each year.

Each year brings advancements and developments in all fields of life, we will definitely see the growth of the industry of robotic lawnmowers as well. Robot lawnmowers are ideal and super effective when it comes to catering to the needs of a healthy yard. They have been various demands and even rumors on the best robotic lawnmower being introduced in the year 2020 that would be highly effective, efficient, and mainly that it would be economically priced.  

Considering the lawnmower that would best suit you...

best robot mowers

Simply considering or taking on the task of lawn mowing requires consideration of various aspects, whether it may be taking account of the length of the grass or ensuring that every covered area of the grass is catered/cut in a proper and orderly manner. While also keeping in mind the most daunting factor that could get in the way, which is the change in the “Weather Condition”.

Especially when it comes to lawn mowing, it is vital to keep the trait in mind that a self mowing lawn mower should be operational/functional in every kind of weather or landscape. A self mowing lawn mower is an exceptional aid, as it can easily move around to trim the grass in the garden while also ensuring that the grass is cut/ trimmed equally to the same length since it can easily navigate even on the complicated landscapes.

This is all taken care of by the lawn robot while you relax and comfortably lay back.

Not every lawnmower can cater to every need since they are various types of robotic lawnmowers with various features, so it is important that you carefully consider your conditions (garden/yard topography) well enough before opting for a robotic lawnmower that will best suit the needs of your garden.

Here are the major factors that you should consider while opting for a robotic lawnmower:

  1. Land/ Topography of the garden. A large garden/ lawn would require a robotic lawn mower that is powered by a strong battery that is sufficient to carry out the task effectively.
  2. If the mowing land is small, yet hilly, it is important to select a robotic lawn mower that has well-gripped wheels while also having a well backed up battery support.
  3. It is important that you also take into account the blade width when purchasing a robotic lawn mower while also considering the other features that include the mower being adaptable with various features such as being remotely controlled by a smartphone.

The three-pointers to consider, before purchasing an automatic lawnmower:

  1. Make sure that the Auto mower is specifically what you want and that it is suitable for your garden.
  2. Make sure that you go through the manual that is provided with the robot lawnmower; leaving no important instruction left out.
  3. Make sure that you select a suitable placement for the Charging Station of the robotic lawnmower.

The two most frequently asked questions when it comes to robotic lawnmowers are:

  1. Is the process of installing an autonomous lawnmower complicated?

The process of having a robot lawnmower installed is relatively easy in comparison to what people tend to consider it to be since each robot lawn mower is provided with an easily understandable and step-by-step manual.

The install process is quite simple

  1. Sorting out the boundary wires.
  2. Dealing with the tress and obstructions that get in the way.
  3. Accordingly, select where to place the guide wires.
  4. Take note of the secondary areas. 
  1. Does the robot lawnmower cut the edges well?

The most honest and precise manner to answer this question would be by stating that even some of the very best robotic lawnmowers would not be able to cut the edges of your lawn with perfection. But this is also the case with a normal lawnmower. If you want perfect edges then you should get a garden edger.

Though, Yes. Certainly, robot lawnmowers do a commendable job and there is no denying that they would cut the edges of your lawn quite well. They surely will manage the edges of the lawn just fine.

If you are still struggling with the thought of “Why buy a Robot Lawn Mower?” Here are the brief reasons, which surely will make you realize and understand the importance of having an automatic grass cutter….

Robotic Lawn Mowers are:

1. Incredibly Safe

There is no denying that electrical and mechanical appliances can be quite dangerous but then again when advancements come, safety is always given the highest regard to any other aspect, and compliance is taken up extensively.

So as better and more high-tech robotic lawnmowers are introduced, they are ensured to be highly safe. Robotic lawnmowers are created with aspects to be environmentally friendly. They are well designed to function effectively when there are weather barriers.

Even if the grass is wet a robot lawnmower will operate effectively to create a lawn that looks like it has been cared for in the most professional manner.  

2. Energy Efficient

The reason why robot lawn mowers are known to be energy efficient is that they are many that come with “Intelligent Energy Saving” features. This Indeed is one of the most highlighting features that provide an upper hand to automatic lawnmowers in comparison to the traditional/manual lawnmowers.

3. Space Saving

There is no questioning how space-saving and compatible the robot lawn mowers are since they are available in various sizes, designs, and features. The difference lies depending on the size of the lawn that would also suffice the size of the autonomous lawnmower.

“It doesn’t take up space in your shed because it lives outside in its own docking station.”

Robot lawnmowers are not only easy to use but these types of machines are also quite easily packable and can be stored effortlessly as well. They are not huge, rather, they are small and can be easily stored in small places. They generally weigh less than their petrol counterparts too.   

4. They are very quiet compared to traditional mowers

Most of the devices/types of machinery are specifically designed in such a manner that there is no noise pollution emitted. In comparison to the traditional and manual lawnmower, getting rid of noise pollution was a particular aspect that most of the users wanted to be relieved of. With most automatic mowers making about the same noise as a conversation between a few people.

5. Time-Saving

Robotic lawnmowers contribute to saving time since anyone who has or has had a lawn would be well aware of the fact of how much effort is required to take care of it. No doubt, it requires a lot of time but with the aid of robotic lawnmowers, you can easily have your lawn catered to via your smartphone or remote while you can engage in other more important things.

6. Your Lawn Will Look Betterbest robotic lawn mower

There are various trimming /cutting patterns, sizes adjustments that can be selected to cut the grass length according to your preference via robotic lawnmowers. Using this feature, the grass can be cut to a certain size that prevails and provides a better-looking lawn.

Fact: Over the years gardening care assistance has been viewed to be quite expensive but since robot lawn mowers have been introduced, they have proven to be much more efficient while also being hassle-free in comparison to any other way that is used to take care of the lawn.  

7. Keep the Grass Cut while you are away

The main aspect of a robot lawnmower is that it cuts the grass exactly to your instructions given via the control. While necessary, the self mowing lawn mower or the lawn would not need any physical monitoring. So even when you are away your lawn will continue to look amazing and does not mean you will return to a jungle when you get back from vacation.

8. They can cut any Size Lawn

Robot lawnmowers have various patterns as well as numerous size options that can be set. These lawn-mowing machines not only cut the grass as per the size instructed but also ensure to cut the grass evenly, as per the instruction/ command. There are many different models that will cut small lawns but also some more professional models that will do a marathon and cut more than 5 acres, working 11 hours non-stop each day.


After reading, the entire piece, we hope you have no more questions nor doubts when deciding if you should buy a Robot Lawn Mower. Since it is made vividly clear in terms of why the American population has such a preference for automatic lawn mowers.

While we have also discussed which are the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers and the simplest, the sweetest answer would be whichever machine fits your needs is the best for you.  They come in handy for a large population of Americans that save their time for better things. Irrespective of the size of the lawn, they have. Robot lawnmowers are compatible with the needs of a small as well as a large one.

Based on numerous studies and researches carried out it has been gathered that safety is the forefront of every robot lawn mower as there is no compromise in this aspect from any end.

The best way to conclude would be that there is no denying that robot mowers are extremely helpful and have exceptional traits that aid to provide nothing but the best outcome when it comes to taking care of the lawn.

So definitely, you should buy a robot lawn mower and further if anyone seems to have the same doubt. Without hesitation, provide them with this information. While also questioning them further on why shouldn’t you invest in something so handy and helpful