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Husqvarna 115h Review: Doomed The Ultimate Truth!

Husqvarna Automower 115h


Build Quality


Sound level









  • Lawn Size 0.4acre - 1600m2
  • Build Quality


  • Price
  • Not compatible with Alexa / google home

The Husqvarna 115h Automower is their new addition to the starter / smaller lawn catalogue of small robotic lawn mowers.

Firstly it is essential to note that there is indeed 2 different Automower 115h 1st Gen, and the 115h Bluetooth( for which this review is on ).the 1st Gen is a great robot mower and at half the price with fewer features, we will talk more about that on later on.

It has been long awaited for the moment Husqvarna to have a connected mower at the lower end of their offering, The 115h has Bluetooth and wifi connection for auto-updates, and running your robot mower on the fly.

Husqvarna 115h Features

Like we said above we are happy to see that this mower actually has some decent features now! but at twice the price?

Connectivity. It is a warm welcome to Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity which was missing from both 105,115h 1st gen Automowers. this now lets you have full control remotely via the app which we promise will make your life just that bit easier!

Sensors. Husqvarna is the leader in Robotic Lawnmowers so it is no wonder this robot lawnmower has Rain Sensor, collision sensor, Tilt Sensor as well as a pick-up sensor to automatically shut the blades down. Safety First!

How long does it take to charge Husqvarna 115H? The 115h offers a 1:1 charge to cut ratio which means it can spend more time mowing

What is the cutting height of a Husqvarna 115H? The cutting height is a min 2″ – 60 mm/max 3.6″ – 90mm which is better for the fluffy grass look. other mowers on offer cut much lower.

Automower 115h

What We Like about the Automower 115h 2nd Gen

We love the connectivity upgrade on the 115h (Bluetooth) but we do wonder if it was enough to justify the price increase.

7x more area mowed in a week than other leading brands do. which makes this mower for small lawns capable of medium lawns of 0.4 acres – 1600m2.

The build quality on all Husqvarna products is exceptional and the Automower range is no exception, the out plastic cover feels durable and has a matt coating which is less resistant to scratches compared to other brands. Husqvarna also produces its own parts, Which not many companies can say.

What We Dont Like

The Lack of Justification on the price difference between the 1stGen and 2nd. we have been left puzzled by it, the only semi-conclusion we can come to is the world shortage of microchips.

We are getting mixed messages from Husqvarna and independent sources about what the big benefit 2nd Gen has? think of it as a Fiat 500 if you like. The car really is unchanged over 50 years, each new model comes with a tiny difference like the radio, or the font of the badge. this is how we feel about this update.

With the update in connectivity, we really were expecting it to be smart home connected but sadly this will have to wait, or you could just look at the other cheap options of which some are, Click HERE for our other Cheap Robot Mower Reviews

Husqvarna 115h Specs

AppAutomower Connect
ConnectivityBluetooth / Wifi
Battery TypeLithium
Charge Time60min
Run Time60min
Area0.4acre - 1600m2
Parameter WireYes
Max Incline16.9deg
Cutting Width8.7" - 22cm
Cut Height max3.6" - 90mm
Cut Height min2" - 60mm
Cutting SystemFloating Razors
Cutting Motorunknowen
Wheel Motorunknowen
Soundupto 60db
Anti TheftPin / Alarm
Diemensions LxWxH23.2x17.7x10.6" - 59x45x27cm
Weight20.7IB - 9.38kg
Warranty3 Years


you will not see it coming on how this summary will unfold!

The reality is that the Automower 115h is a good mower that is safe and suitable for a land size of upto 0.4acrs or 1600m2 depending on where you are from. When you compare its price to the other members of the Automower family you see that it is really a pretty decent buy!

are you still there? because this is where it gets good!

If you really want to have the Husqvavrna “name”, well you still technically can.. for much less!

How you ask?

What we have found is this. it’s no secret that Husqvarna owns many of the known brands that make robotic lawnmowers like Flymo and Gardena. these brands offer many robot mowers for all sizes of yards as well as heights, the details in the differences are soo small that it just seems a little silly. THEY ARE ALL MADE USING HUSQVARNA 115H PARTS! it is true. the biggest difference notably is the outer shell being a slightly different shape and of course the colour as well but all the internals are Huqvarna, don’t belive me? google flymo 250 spare parts and have a look yourself.

As a matter of fact, we will be posting a complete comparison guide soon but in the meantime check out our article on Gardena Sileno HERE and the Flymo 250 HERE, this will give you a good idea of what it is we are talking about.

Husqvarna 115h


Is the Husqvarna Automower 115h worth it? If you have a medium-sized lawn and a small budget yes it is, but if you have a small lawn we recommend you look at Gardena and Flymo. You will be glad you did.

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