robomow rs630 review

Is the Robomow RS630 a Good Robot Mower?

Robomow RS630


Build Quality






Sound Level





  • Fixed cutting blades for heavier cutting
  • Heavy cutting mode for thicker grass
  • 22-inch cutting width
  • Comprehensive install kit


  • Not as quiet as other models
  • Short battery life per charge
  • No Wifi
  • Price is comparable to that of a ride-on mower

If you are one that has been looking for that great and innovative device to help with your gardening, and keeping your lawn tidy with a neat finish, then the Robomow RS-630 is the device you have been waiting for.

The Robomow flagship RS630 will readily power through the most unfriendly terrains at just the touch of a button.

First Impressions

The Robomow RS630 is the go-anywhere cut anything robot mower. if you have a yard that has trees and gets twigs and other things on the lawn then this is the mower for you. With its heavier and wider cutting blades than most other robot mowers, it will make short work of this kind of stuff in the way.

Robomow rs630

This automated self-driving lawnmower is one of the ways technology has come to the rescue in the carrying out of domestic tasks. With its impressive mowing ability, weatherproof design, and a quiet mode of operation.

As with all man-made devices, this automated lawn is not all perfect as it has its own inherent drawbacks although the advantages, such as its very strong cutting capability compared to its competitors, dwarfs these drawbacks. It does have a control interface that feels somewhat old and it can also be expensive, but in our tests, it more than makes up for this.

In the long run, you get good value for your money.

If you are one who loves to get things fast and easy, or you are one who loves to have most activities in the home carried out automatically, then this product; the RS 630 ROBOMOW self-cutting lawn mower is one good product for you.

In the case of robotic lawnmowers, well they are a thing. One of the innovative devices in recent times, they have actually existed for a better part of the decade, but only a little proportion of the population welcomed these automated unique devices to mow their lawns. In addition to the fact that consumer reviews are still very scarce; which is where we come in.

The ROBOMOW RS-630 has been that unique device that has managed to provide extraordinary value all year round; it is one of the most reliable automatic mowers on the market today”

Here in this compilation where we have attempted to outline some of the qualities the product possesses that have made it the darling of consumers over time. It is highly essential you read through this list in a bid to further appreciate how this sleek product can make your life easier.

Pros & Cons


  • Fixed cutting blades for heavier cutting, perfect for yards with trees that drop twigs or pinecones
  • Heavy cutting mode for thicker grass sections
  • 22-inch cutting width is one of the widest of any robot mowers
  • Comprehensive install kit with instructional DVD


  • Not as quiet as other models
  • Short battery life per charge
  • No Wifi
  • Price is comparable to that of a ride-on mower

Robomow RS630 Top Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity
    With this, you can easily sit in your house, drinking a beer while you control the robotic mower to do the lawn for you. You can easily navigate difficult parts of the working area and control the schedule all with the use of the remote control in the phone app.
  • Rain Sensors
    These allow the mower to easily detect if it is raining so it can stop cutting the grass and restart when it’s a better time for cutting. The ROBOMOW can be left in the rain without concern or water damage as it’s completely waterproof.
  • Simple mowing height adjustment
    All you need to do is simply open its top cover, and turn the knob to the desirable height all.
  • Mow slopes up to 35% or 19°
    This product can mow areas with slopes up to 35%, perfect for yards with a bit of uneven ground or a slope. Find the slope of your lawn here.
  • 22 inch wide cutting width with cut to edge
    The RS630 has a very ‘cutting-edge’ feature. Yes, pun intended, its blades are designed to reach the very borders of its base. It also has dual strong fixed blades that cover the entire width of the unit meaning it will cut your lawn in fewer passes and in less time.

These features are just some of the features of this very capable completely automatic lawnmower. The factors that have made the product thick in a saturated market filled with a whole range of different options.

robomow RS630 app

Ease of Use

How can a product be well described if I don’t make mention of how easy it is to use.

The boundary wire really is simple to install, it may take a couple of hours depending on your lawn, but it is not a difficult task.

Before you start using this robotic gardener, you also need to place the base station somewhere sheltered, out of the way and preferably level.  Before you can start using the mower you will need to rout the green perimeter wire, that routes an electrical current along the edges of your lawn, to guide your autonomous lawnmower.

You can also set multiple mowing zones that allow for the effective management of the mowing. With the use of the ROBOMOW RS630’s inbuilt calculator, the sensors and the in-built software will allow it to estimate the time needed to complete its scheduled mowing. All you must do as a user is to input the approximate size of your lawn in square feet or meters.

Variations in the input may slightly trip up its working time estimate. But with our testing, it smashed its own record of about 15 minutes of working time over the course of a month.

Lastly, the remote-control feature with the help of its linked app allows you to manage most aspects of its programming directly from your android or IOS device.

robomow rs630 control pannel

With this easy to use interface, you can control the device at your discretion while still checking its working parameters such as the battery life and view its mowing schedule. This product is assuredly one that has been in-built with many features for convenience. An innovative one that has completely changed the impression many of its users have over the mowing of their lawn.

RS630 Performance

The performance of this self-cutting lawn mower is one that has left not a few of its users wondering about its capabilities. The Robomow RS630’s big body and weight did not in any way hamper its movement through the rough areas of the lawn. The manufacturing company states that this device is capable of handling up to 35% incline and the rugged areas of your lawn.

This device is not one that would slow down even when facing a decent hill. So, it is suited for all types of topography, it continues moving effortlessly as if it was still working on level ground.

robomow rs630 in the garden

It effortlessly navigates tight spaces. It will stop and reroute after coming across something bumpy or disruptive like a tree or a block. You do not need to worry about its blades getting caught up or leaving the job half-finished since it navigates randomly while cutting. The RS630 will most likely circle back later and finish the job.

On this self-cutting lawn mowing device, the battery life is like other devices in its class. The 26V 6.0 AH lithium bromide battery feeding its 400W motor charges in about two hours. Although by virtue of this, you can only have about 50 to 70 minutes of working time before the mower needs another charge.

The RS series is that which has a high-quality commercial Lithium bromide battery with an expected lifetime of more than 5000 charges before it shows any drop in performance. It ably converts to 4-5 years of use before it begins to run on a shorter time and may require change

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the battery has an overall life expectancy of 5000 full charges over an estimated period of about three to five years before its working time and performance starts to decrease.

Sound Level

The sound level of the mower is amazing. You do not need to worry about the noise the product makes as the 74 decibels of sound it emits is far less than the noise the average push mower. Although it is a bit more than other robot mowers of its size. This is because of the rigid cutting blades it uses.

Cutting Quality and Options:

The hinge technology that comes with the product’s floating deck is one that allows its twin arrays of three triangular steel blades to cut cleanly and uniformly along a specific cutting path, with the inclusion of rugged ground, by preventing the base from rising with the wheels; and instead of a lever, a single hidden knob adjusts the cutting height from less than an inch to just over three inches in seconds.

Robomow RS630 cutting width

This autonomous lawn mowing device works in an entirely random pattern within any given boundaries which ensures that it almost surgically leaves a very neat, carpet-like finish that one can appreciatively look upon and feel an instant sense of relief.

This high degree of finesse and expertise can only be matched by the cutting system’s power. Smaller sticks or even small aggregates of shrubs do not stand the smallest chance against sharp and precise blades. The clips or ears of grass that have been cut and left behind are of appropriate size and consistency and they would rapidly decay to nourish your lawn.

Lastly, there is the edge mode feature which is a revelation. Masterly crafted as it is, the blades are designed as close as possible to each other. Making the cutting circle small and efficient.  The edge mode also plots a course specifically along all the edges of your lawn before it shifts into its normal mowing mode. You can choose to ignore the edge mode and start the automated mower in the ordinary mode, where it mows just normally, leaving out the edges of the lawn.

The provision made by the manufacturers for you to be able to choose between the edge mode and the ordinary mode improves the function of the product.


The review of a product is not complete without making a mention of its cost-effectiveness.  One of the factors responsible for increasing the consumer base of a product is its cost-effectiveness.

Cost-effectiveness has its own meanings for different individuals. However, in the case of this automated lawnmower, it is cost-effective. Ok so it’s not the cheapest model out there but it delivers on what is promised. the features also make it effortless and simple to operate.

This automated version does not also require a second thought about operating in a light rain or considerations involving If the grass has grown too long or thick. If you are one that detests manual mowing and would not want to accumulate expenditures over time, then this product is your best bet.


The ROBOMOW RS630 Is one of the self-cutting lawn mowers out there with a complete weatherproof setup. However, this does not mean it is resistant to moisture when exposed to it over time. So, we would not recommend leaving your automated lawn mower outside for extended periods of time just to be safe.

Users have stated that it sometimes gets stuck when moving through damp patches of lawn. This device has been designed with an automated rain sensor which will signal to the device when it’s raining. The sensor also allows you to adjust the self-cutting program to the degree of lawn moisture the ROBOMOW would and wouldn’t work through.

We still recommend that you keep it out of the rain and only cut in the dry. The same way you would not throw your water-proof phone unnecessarily into a puddle of water. But this is mainly because the cut will be better if the grass is dry when the robot is on the job.

It is one high-quality piece of innovative technology. In the words of the management of its manufacturers,

“The Robomow is built to be outside all the time, its plastic is even UV protected.” – Karsten Beck, CAO of RobomowUSA, Inc.

Maintenancerobomow rs630 blades

Maintaining this product is by far the least of your concerns if you intend to own this automated lawnmower. In an already saturated market, there are more than a few robotic lawn mowers out there that can more aesthetic than the ROBOMOW RS-630.

Without mincing facts, this product is by far one of the most durable and ideally waterproof out there. If there is any notable drawback, it should be the blades. Although you could not be more precise if you are making use of a surgical laser to trim your lawn. There is no compromise on quality, but even so, it is recommended to replace the blades annually, so you continue to get a great outcome from the mower.

At least, you would need to replace it with a new set once every two or three years; but you would need to evaluate the efficiency of the blades and your lawn’s finish to determine if it’s worth it.

You can also take them out for sharpening as they are easy to take out and clean. From consumer experiences so far, the blades are the principal things you need to check from time to time other than random service checks.

Safety Features:

Finally, one would need to consider the safety profile of this automated lawnmower. It is hard to find one device that is as easy and safe to operate as the ROBOMOW RS-630. As on even the slightest contact, with any unexpected obstacle in its path, from an unidentified object to an animal or even human body part, it automatically stops cutting and expertly navigates or turns around the obstructing object.

Amidst all these, there is the intuitive redirection, a very dependable child lock, and adaptive speed control. In all, this automated mower is as accident-proof as it can be.

After outlining these features as much as possible, there is a need to state the obvious pros and cons associated with the use of this product. These conclusions have been reached as a result of extensive research that was carried out after analyzing credible consumer reviews of the product.

Time Estimated – The Efficiency Calculator:

One very amazing feature of this product is the unique feature built with it, which is the calculator. This product comes with a calculator that can effectively predict how long it will take to mow your lawn. All you need is to input your yard’s approximate square footage and this in-built calculator will tell you how long it will take to mow your lawn. With this, you have an idea of the time you have to do other things of importance to you.

ROBOMOW RS630 Technical Specifications

AppRobomow 2.0
ConnectivityBluetooth, RoboConnect+
Battery Capacity
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Battery Voltage26V
Charge Time90 Mins
Cutting Time80 Mins
Working Area3000 m | 0.75 acre
Zones2 Zones, 4 Sub Zones
Perimeter TypeWire
Maximum Incline20°
Cutting Width22 Inch | 56 cm
Cutting Height - Min0.8 inch | 2cm
Cutting Height - Max3.4 inch | 8.5 cm
Cutting SystemTwin fixed cutting discs
Cutting MotorBrushless
Wheel Motor
Sound Level73 Db
Dimensions29 (L) x 26(W) x 12(H) inch | 74(L) x 66(W) x 30(H) cm
Weight45lb | 20kg
Warranty1 Year
FeaturesDual Cutting Motors, Edge Mode, Floating Deck, Optional Remote Control, SMS/Email Notificatoins, Turbo Mow Heavy Grass Feature


This unique device is the best out there that can take your hands off mowing your lawn, possibly permanently. Amidst other autonomous self-driven lawn mowers out there, this goes for an irresistible price range coupled with its high ratings and quality build.

If you are willing to part with some cash and still save your time in the process, this is your best bet and if you are interested in one, you can check Amazon, they have some exciting deals at the best delivery prices to you.

Overall, the product is fast and efficient; and at the same time comes feature-rich. Its manufacturers are also not slacking in consumer support, so you have an all-around enjoyable consumer experience. With this review, we hope we have given you new ideas on the product to opt for when next you want to get a new lawnmower.

The Robomow RS-630 is one product that will challenge every homeowner and increase the need for you to try out new things in your home; with the extraordinary value it provides.

Final Thoughts

In case you have not heard the robotic self-driven lawn, mower is one of the most innovative products to be developed in recent times. They have been in existence for a couple of years and it not until recently they became affordable enough for everyone to be able to latch on to the convenience they have to offer.

This compilation was written with respect to some aspects of the usefulness of the product. This review was done after extensive research and due consideration of the opinions of users over time. Since you will get this at virtually the same price you will get the commonly known gas-powered lawnmower, you have nothing to lose other than convenience.

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