Lawn Size Calculator

The Ultimate Lawn Size Calculator for Robot Mowers

Knowing your lawn size is one of the most critical steps to take before buying a robot lawn mower. It will let you know what robot mowers are suitable for your lawn.

Online lawn size calculators

Lawn Size Calculator calculating lawn area

There are many calculators online that make it very easy to find your lawn size. We have included a few below. Keep in mind these are not as accurate as actually doing the hard work yourself.

But they will do a much better job than pacing out your back yard.

Keep in mind that for the most part these tools are good enough because you dont need to be super accurate with your measurement unless you are also expecting to buy grass.

Husqvarna and Ambrogio Robot have amazing lawn size calculators online that will make estimating the size of your lawn very easy.

1. Ambrogio’s Measure My Lawn

Our first pick for the easiest lawn measurement tool is the “measure my lawn” tool from Ambrogio. The reason we put this one first is because it also gives you the perimeter measurement for the area you have selected. This is very important so that you know that you have enough perimeter wire you will need to install so you know you have enough.

2. Husqvarna Lawn Calculator

Our close second choice is the Husqvarna online calculator. This one was very close with Ambrogio, this one has a very similar interface and also shows you the robot mowers capable of mowing the lawn you have measured out. It also has a great interface that takes you through a few questions that will help you choose the best robot mower for your home.

It only got second place because it doesn’t show the perimeter otherwise it would clearly be in first place.

3. Measure My Lawn

Measuremylawn comes in last here, not because its hard to use just because its acutally more complex than the others. BUT…

If you have a complicated lawn or have a number of lawn areas to measure then this is the tool for you. Also if you are measuring the area for a commercial robot mower install then this is the tool that you want to use.

This is the most powerful of the 3 measurement tools but this is exaclty why you should only be using this one if you need the extra features. The simplicity of the first two if the best for most people.

Calculating lawn size manually

doing maths

If you prefer to calculate your lawn size manually then you will just need a couple of things to do that.


Firstly some way of measuring the lawn. Either a very long tape measure, a measuring wheel, or if you really want to MacGyver it you can just pace it out.

Note: We do not reccomend the MacGyver method.

Once you have some way of taking measurements you just need some paper and a pen.

Draw a rough diagram of your whole property that the robot mower will be mowing. After you have drawn this, go ahead and draw in the objects like the house, garage, driveway, pool, and any other items bigger than about a meter or a few feet. Make sure you start with the biggest and work your way down to the smallest.

Measure the area in blocks

Now that you have a plan of your property where the robot mower will be working you need to break it into easily measurable parts.

Frist step is to simply break up the lawn into smaller rectangles that you can measure easily. Start with bigger areas like the front and back lawn and try to cover the biggest area with big rectangles.

Note: make sure you are doing your best to measure at 90° angles, if you don’t your measurements will be off.

Measure each rectangle and find the area for each one simply by multiplying together the two measurements.

Area = Length x Width

robot mower lawn area

Repeat this for all the rectangular blocks starting with the biggest and moving down to the smallest until you have covered all the grassed area.

Add blocks together to find the total area

Record each of the areas that you calculate for the different rectangles, once you have covered the whole lawn doing this, simply add together all the areas to find the area of the whole lawn.

Find the Perimeter

Finally, if you want you can then also go around the whole perimeter length. To find the length of perimeter wire that you will need to install for the mower.

To do this simply measure around the whole edge of the lawn. Add all these measurements together to find the total.

Now go find your robotic mower!

Now that you have measured the size of your lawn you can go and find the best robot mower for your lawn for you.

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