Tertill Weeding Robot

Tertill: The Best Garden Robot for Weeding!

It is safe to affirm that all gardeners understand the plight that weeds can cause. The unwanted plants are not just a nuisance, they can make gardening so frustrating.

To tackle this, the tertill weeding robot is designed to help you achieve a weed-free garden with little or no maintenance at all. This solar-powered device roams around your garden plucking weeds in its path to make your garden tidy and neat.

With tertill weeding robot, there is no need to resort to herbicides, which can be dangerous to plants. This product also requires no power grid since it is solar-powered. It represents one of the most eco-friendly means to tend to your garden, besides hand-picking.

The Perfect Weed Whacker For Your Garden

Tertill garden robot has a built-in solar panel, which keeps the internal battery charged so you never need to plug it in. Underneath this device is a set of grooved wheels set at an angle so that Tertill doesn’t get stuck.

tertill woman in a vegetable garden

These angled wheels ensure that the line trimmer string has enough room to spin around while keeping the overall size of the robot to a minimum. These wheels also provide a scrubbing action to the surface of the soil that helps keep weeds at bay.

The body of this garden weeding robot is made of polycarbonate that can handle hot or cold climates. So any climate that can support plant life is good for this garden robot.

Benefits / Features of The Tertill Robot

  • 100% Solar Powered
    Tertill can charge on its own since it makes use of solar power to charge its internal battery while running through the day. The convenience this brings cannot be stressed enough as you never need to charge it.
  • Eliminates the need for Herbicides
    As mentioned earlier, the use of herbicides is extremely harmful to plant life, and isn’t great to be using right next to the plants that you want to eat. To prevent this, tertill robots will get rid of weeds without exposing crop plants to considerable risks.
  • Large Coverage Area
    Tertill garden weeding robot is designed to work on gardens that are as big as 200ft² or 20m². It’s continuous work routine ensures that weed growth is kept at bay and emerging weeds cannot take hold.
  • Great Battery Life
    Tertill garden weeding robot can also gather power even on cloudy days and still keep your garden tidy even though it might be for a shorter time. The battery life of this robot is very impressive and you can be sure of getting your money’s worth from this product. 
  • Intelligent Sensors
    Tertill has a large hidden capacitive touch panel (pretty much a big touch pannel all around the front of the robot) it uses to sense the presence of plants around it. Any Plant that touches this panel it will move away from (this is how it knows what plants you want to keep). Any plants too short to touch it, like a newly sprouting weed, it will drive over and cut up.

    You can adjust the sensitivity level of the touch sensor to make it operate how you want it to. This allows you to cut closer to your vegetables or make it very sensitive for when they are little seedlings.
  • Monitoring App for the Robot
    The Tertill has an app for your phone that works (an android or iOS device) through a Bluetooth connection, which means that you must be nearby. It allows you to see a few metrics of the robot like the battery level and if the solar pannel is charging. While there are no provisions yet for connecting to other home devices or receiving alerts once the strings are due for replacement or when the device gets stuck in a rut.
  • Tertill is completely autonomous
    That is, the robot is designed to work on its own without interaction from smartphones or humans. There is actually no way to control it the robot just does its own thing.

You only use the aforementioned app as a tool to track the status of the gardening robot, including its battery level, solar voltage, and the amount of solar power it is generating. Again, this app does not control Tertill since the robot is autonomous.

garden robot


The Tertill Robot doesn’t have a lot of downsides but we will note the ones that we have noticed. Even though these are not big problems and shouldn’t cause too many issues.

  • Navigation
    The tertill navigation system is one of its major downsides. It uses the same technique as robotic vacuum cleaners to make its way around. This involves a combination of wall-following and random bouncing. It doesn’t really navigate as much as it drives around somewhat randomly just bumping into things.

    Even though this generally results in good coverage of the whole area, tertill requires a form of physical barrier around the area that needs weeding. This barrier simply prevents the robot from wandering off.

    For this reason, there should be a minimum of one foot between the plants and rows of plants.
  • Doesn’t like big slopes
    Furthermore, to use this robot weeder for the garden, the surface must be relatively flat and smooth. This ensures that the device moves about the garden without getting stuck at any point in time. For this reason, whenever you are establishing your garden, you must avoid ruts, rocky terrains, and steep inclines. 

    You should also make sure that the garden remains free of rocks and sticks as these will wear out the robots weed wacker very fast.
  • It misses some low lying weeds
    Some types of weeds that lay flat on the ground like some grasses will not get cleared away by the robot as they lay under its little weed whacker. But there are not normally many of these and they are easy to grab by hand from time to time.
  • You need to protect your seedlings
    If there are any small plants, typically below 2 inches, that you wish to protect, you will need to use the included wire guard to form a shield around them. You can also protect an entire row of plants with these.

As mentioned earlier, this device is easy to use. Once you prep the area appropriately, you can just simply place the tertill weeding robot in the garden, all you are required to do is hit the button twice and it will start whacking the weeds in its path.

How To Use the Tertill Weed Robot For Garden

You should know that the tertill garden weeding robot is quite easy to use. However, there is certain prep work that must be done to make it quite effective.

You must first carry out a preliminary weeding to get rid of any weed that is equal to or greater than 2 inches. Otherwise, this robot will leave them untouched since Tertill will assume them to be crop plants that must not be touched.

Preparing Your Garden For The Tertill

Before using this great invention, ensure that your garden meets certain requirements. This product is easy to set up and effective in getting rid of weeds in your garden.

garden weeding robot

It is easy to see the great thought that has been put into the product. Yet, this product will only achieve its full potential if your garden:

  • Has been fully weeded to the right extent before using the product. After all, the device is not a lawnmower.
  • Has a physical barrier that surrounds the garden, a border of wood is best.
  • Has at least 12 inches of separation between the plants.
  • Has a flat surface, no raised garden beds, (with a slope of fewer than 7 degrees) and no mulch

You will enjoy the full potential of this garden weeding robot if your garden meets all these aforementioned requirements.

Boundaries, Protecting Your Seedlings

To protect seedlings and smaller plants from being cut, you can make use of plant collars since anything shorter than 1 inch will be whacked! For a large garden, a great number of collars might be needed to get things going.

These collars can be made from wire while making sure they are the correct height. The collars must touch the gray plate anywhere on the front of the tertill to ensure that they are seen by the gardening robot.

Setting up these collars makes it easy for tertill to work effectively as it roams around. From the initial look of things, this robot weeder for the garden might seem to only roam around randomly, while chopping any small bit of things in its path. However, the long-term effectiveness of the tertill weeding robot will provide you with a completely weed-free garden.

Even though it is impossible for this garden robot to completely replace all forms of manual labour in the garden, it will easily get rid of about 95% of what you would have done concerning weeding.

How To Maintain Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

To get the most out of this robot garden weeder, you must carry out some occasional but adequate maintenance. This will promote its effectiveness and durability. 

tertill weeding robot

Cleaning the Solar Panel
Its a good idea to wipe down the solar panel from time to time especially if you see that it has a buildup of dust or anything else on it. Solar Panel lost their efficiency quite quickly when they get dirty so giving it a quick wipe from time to time will make sure that Terrill is always working at its best.

Cleaning the Wheels
Oftentimes, you will find that clay soil can make its way into tertill wheels and occasionally stick to them. You should clean the wheels about once a month and this should prevent any issues from building up. Usually, mud can easily build up on Tertill wheels during the rainy period.

Changing the weed whipper
Another maintenance you should perform on the tertill weeding robot is switching out the weed whacker once a month for the first two months. Then, you can reduce this to once in two months when you have removed most of the larger rocks in the garden. 

While the robot performs weeding with high efficiency, you should note that it is most effective when the weeds are less than 2-inch tall.

Maintaining Garden Density
Furthermore, it is also worth pointing out that garden density often produces a direct impact on the robot’s effectiveness. Usually, if there is no space between the plants for tertill to roam around, it is impossible to chop down weeds. Typically, the plants should be at least 3 feet apart for proper spacing.

Irrespective of any limitation, this robot is perfect for your garden and its easy maintenance ensures that you enjoy the full benefits it provides.

Why Should I Purchase This Weed Robot For Garden?

By now, you must have already been exposed to the requirements that should be met for this product to be effective. Yet, you must understand why this gardening robot has gathered lots of interest while yielding positive reviews.

Tertill Garden robot will produce great results once the requirements are met. Its long-term usage will keep your garden tidy and weed-free.

tertill Planting vegetables weeding robot

Also, its full automation ensures that you do not need to babysit it once you turn it on. It requires no fuss and no hassle to operate. This great technology will save your back… and time!

Furthermore, it is solar-powered, which means that you do not have to charge it. It simply works continuously all day to keep the garden neat. What’s more?

Its great battery life supports a long run time. That is, the rate of charging is significantly lower than the discharge rate, thereby producing the desired results.

As long as a barrier is built, Tertill can never wander off. Besides, being weatherproof makes it possible for the garden robot weeder to be effective in the garden all year round.

Tertill is a great gift for your loved ones. After all, busy moms, dads, and grandparents who have no time, desire, or ability to weed can easily use this device to full effect. Tertill weeding robot makes it easier to grow fresh vegetables for your family.

With all these upsides, it is only natural for tertill to come with certain drawbacks.

Tertill can be hard – or simply impossible – to operate if your garden does not meet the requirements. Besides this, if you have a sloping garden or one with raised garden beds, then this product might not be the best option for you.

Also, the random bouncing and wall-following of this device ensure that some areas might get weeded more often than others.

In addition, once the weeds are higher than the wheel level, the robot garden weeder will not remove them, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

These downsides do not simply explain the cons of using this device. Rather, they emphasize the importance of meeting the requirements of device usage. By making sure your garden is accessible and easy to navigate for the robot, you will get the good results.


The importance of weeding your garden cannot be stressed enough. After all, weeds are unwanted plants that compete with the crop plants for water, nutrients, and space.

With technological advancement, gone are the days when manual hand-picking represents the only effective way to completely eradicate weeds.

With Tertill weeding robots, you have an automated means to keep your garden clean and weed-free while reducing the cost of production and cost of labor.

Regardless of the downsides and limitations of Tertill, this is the robot garden weeder you want if you wish to make gardening more fun and easier.

To ensure that you start picking produce, rather than weeds, what are you waiting for? Tertill is one of the best products that can help you achieve effective gardening.

Are you interested in the Ideas of Robotic Garden Equipment? check out our article on FarmBot Here!

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