FarmBot: The Future of Precision Farming?

FarmBot is increasing in popularity across the world. This revolutionary technology is a big boost to home and small industrial farming. Farming is essential in most areas of the world and there is increasing demand for fresh supplies. The demand is present but you might not have time to farm.

This is where FarmBot comes in, it is a revolutionary farming robot that can make a difference for farmers. This robot has numerous amazing features that might be of great help to most farmers. Keep reading to better understand what FarmBot is, how it works, and its uses;

What does FarmBot do? FarmBot uses complex software with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use, to schedule, plant, care for, and nurture a vegetable garden. It will plant seeds, water them, and weed your garden without your help. This makes it an asset to any large-scale company that needs quicker work and better results.

How Does FarmBot Work?

If you’ve recently discovered FarmBot, you may be wondering how it works. It uses a revolutionary technology that helps most people run their gardens and farms. 

Farmbot gardening robot working

The idea behind FarmBot is that it helps maintain small gardens. Standard kits have tracks about three meters long, so you’ll need several units for a large garden or farm. For the best use, it is a tool for a compact backyard or greenhouse garden.

Another idea behind FarmBot is to automate farming without compromising quality. It can work in larger areas, but you’ll need special specifications. FarmBot uses several advanced farming and software technologies to automate your garden.

The first version was the FarmBot Genesis, and its primary design allowed it to work with a garden box or bed on a raised surface. The garden has tracks on its side for the robot to move along. 

The setup has a plank in the middle to allow the robot to move in three dimensions. It can go up, down, forward, back, left, and right, allowing it to cover every inch of your farm or garden. It operates similarly to a 3D printer.

So what is the FarmBot made of? It has 2 linear rails in the X, Y, and Z axes with a gantry and connecting plates. These are custom and you can create one with a drill press or hacksaw. It has a belt and pulley to move the mechanisms through using a stepper motor. It also has rotary encoders that work with the stepper motors to increase the arm’s reach. The setup is complete with wheels to allow for the arm to move around the garden. You will also see a drive shaft, washers, stainless steel screws, bearings, t-nuts, and a lead screw. These components work together to hold the machine together and prevent corrosion outdoors.

 farmbot watering vegetables

Gardening is a hobby for most people who like to do work. However, if you want homegrown produce and aren’t willing to get your hands dirty, then FarmBot is the best choice for you. It will do all the heavy lifting, and you can get fresh, high-quality vegetables.

The robot’s software has access to the internet and a database on all the plants on the farm. So it knows your crop and will have information about how much water it needs, the best type of soil, the watering period, spacing, etc.

With internet access, FarmBot can download relevant information on the crops you choose to grow. This information is crucial and will affect the soil pH and all other aspects of plant growth. 

A web app controls the robot, but users can take over if they need specific conditions for the plants. If not, you can create a schedule and leave the FarmBot to take care of the rest. The app’s display is easy and looks like the game FarmVille.

How Do You Program FarmBot?

The primary software you’ll use is the FarmBot Web App since its setup is web-based. 

You can load it in any modern browser or device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Here’s how:

farmbot program
  • To launch the app, navigate to in your web browser. The app will automatically update all features each time you load it. This automation means you don’t need to worry about updates or security issues.
  • If you have never used the Web App, scroll down to the “create an account” option. Enter your information and you’ll get an email verification code automatically logging you into your new account.
  • The first screen after logging in is the message center; here, you’ll see information about your FarmBot. It’ll also receive notifications from FarmBot.
  • You‘ll need to tell the app which FarmBot version you’re using. After entering this, the app will generate some tools and sequences to use on your robot. Make the selection and click the x at the top of the card to dismiss it.
  • The Web App has two dark bars; the top is the status ticker. This is where you’ll see messages from your FarmBot. The dark gray bar is the app’s main navigation, and it has indications for all the pages.

The navigations are on the side menu on smartphones. On the right, you will see an emergency stop button, an account menu button, and a connectivity indicator.

  • The connectivity indicator helps you view more information about the FarmBot and its operational status. In addition, the e-stop button is there if the FarmBot starts doing something you don’t want; you can use it to terminate the process.

In addition, the account settings page has widgets to change your email address, password, settings, and other preferences.

How Much Does FarmBot Cost?

After seeing what the FarmBot can do, you’ll want one for your backyards. It’s small, efficient, and highly practical. It can help if you want to garden but have too much on your plate. But how much money would you have to spend to get this farming tool?

You will be surprised to learn that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get this tool. All FarmBot technology is open source. This means it is free and available for users to modify and use.

You can get free specs and software and build a home setup. But this might not work as efficiently as the product itself. So it is better to spend the money and buy a unit as a whole. A FarmBot Genesis unit costs $2600 if you get it directly from the company.

The upgrade for the Genesis is the FarmBot genesis XL, which is bigger and costs about $3 295. It covers 421% of FarmBot Genesis’s area at only a 38% price increase. This can be a big help for users with large greenhouses who want to save money.

Aronson promises to make changes that will allow them to lower the price to $1000 so they can accommodate more users. It isn’t entirely clear when they will make these changes, but FarmBot is getting more popular.

farmbot vegetable garden

What Is FarmBot Used For?

FarmBot is an incredible piece of technology. The FarmBot program is a product of years of research and thousands of dollars. Farming or gardening from anywhere is possible thanks to the FarmBot.

FarmBot offers its users remote, precise, and automatic farming with minimal human interference. The project started in 2011 and has maintained its esteemed reputation. Precision agriculture has existed for a while but has always been large-scale and expensive.

Normally, it would involve self-driving tractors and aerial drones that use resources efficiently. However, such a setup wouldn’t help someone needing a backyard or greenhouse farm. This is where the FarmBot use comes in. 

FarmBot technology uses real-time data from the garden to cater to plants. The robot has sensors to understand weather patterns, air contents, soil pH, humidity level, etc. It uses this data to determine the plants’ needs to make necessary changes.

The FarmBot has a Cartesian coordinate system with software and data. It works on rooftops, gardens, and greenhouses of varying sizes. It is highly customizable, and you can change its job to suit your climate with minimal skills.

FarmBot Functions

You can plan your garden and provide the necessary inputs, and what does a FarmBot do? The robot will plant the seeds, water them, clear the weeds and cater to them till they are ready to harvest. FarmBot is a mechanical gardener that will be on the job 24/7.

farmbot seed tool

You will have to harvest the crops yourself since the robot does not have the tools for this job, but that’s not a problem because then you know they are fresh and this is the easy part. This is all impressive but can FarmBot harvest at all? It can harvest simple vegetables like carrots, but most need your help for better results.

FarmBot is making its way into most homes and businesses. Many nonprofit organizations are adopting it to use for food processing. The company is working with NASA to begin food production in deep space, on the moon, and on Mars.

The possibilities for FarmBot are endless, and new technologies offer room for improvement. In addition, the product will become cheaper and more efficient with more research and upgrades. 

FarmBot Review

A FarmBot unit is something you should not purchase without careful consideration. You need to assess its features, advantages, and potential pitfalls to see if it is a good fit for you. Let us get into the details and see what FarmBot is made of:


  1. Low Code Solutions

Using the FarmBot is easy, and you barely need to make any changes to the code for it to work. In addition, most aspects of the system are automatic, so it will not require you to change any code. 

Some climates will need adjustments in the programming for the robot to work perfectly. In such situations, you only need to make a few changes to the code. 

FarmBot is an open-ended program, so you can tweak it to meet your needs. You can easily change it to perform any task you need it for.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

The price of the FarmBot might be a little high, but it will pay off in the long run. You’ll spend an initial cost of about $3000, and you will barely have to spend any money on maintenance and repairs, so you’ll save a lot.

You don’t need several employees to run a project if you have the FarmBot. As a result, you’ll save thousands of dollars in groceries each year. This will reduce your expenses, especially if it is for a business.

  1. Speed and Efficiency 

The FarmBot can do any task much faster than a human worker. This saves time and allows space to do other tasks. The unit will focus on a given farm which means it will perform all the tasks on time.

You will not get any errors or miss watering since the system doesn’t make mistakes. Humans can forget to water the plants or miss out on weeding or other important steps. FarmBot ensures you get perfect plants out with minimal intervention. 

  1. Access to a Lot of Data

As a farmer, you must have as much information about your crops as possible. This information will help you know what supplements, water ratios, and conditions to provide for the plants. FarmBot has access to a large database of information about all crops.

You will enter which plants you are growing, and it will do the rest. It will download all the data on the plant and use it to take good care of it. So you can be sure everything will be okay with your plants until they are ready for harvest.


FarmBot is a popular choice for most small-scale farmers needing little automation. Automation has always been popular among large-scale farmers, but FarmBot offers this service to all. There are two basic sizes, but you can adjust and arrange them for most farms.

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