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Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD – The Best AWD Mower

Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD













  • GPS Guidance
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Slope 35° (70%)


  • Expensive

While the Automower 435X is very similar to other models of Automower, with its connectivity, docking system, cut quality, interface and many other features. But there is one very big difference and that is that the 435X is much more capable of a machine than all the other models produced by Husqvarna.

Not that the others are not good for their jobs, but it’s like comparing a big 4X4 offroad car to a sports car. You wouldn’t expect a sports car to drive up a river bed, similarly, you wouldn’t expect a 4X4 to be smashing it around a race track.

In other words, this Automower is the one you take when the going gets rough when you have a lawn that goes in all different directions and has lumps, bumps and hills, this is the robot you want doing the job.

Just check out this video of one climbing a crazy steep hill at a demo. I don’t think many people could walk up this slope let alone mow it.

Design and Features

It looks like an Automower but at the same time, it looks completely different. While the style of the Automower 435x is unmistakably the same as all other Husqvarna Automowers it is undoubtedly different.

It shares so many of the same features from the wheels, headlights, body shape, lines, colour, and finish of the outer shell. But at the same time is it very obviously a completely different beast. With its distinct front and rear sections, it is very easy to tell this one apart from all the other models of Automower. Unlike the 315X, 430X, or 450X that at a distance and without a trained eye would all look the same.

autmower 435x with headlights on

4 Wheel Drive and Articulation System

The Automower 435X has a design that no other robot mower has, with its articulated 4-wheel drive design this one really is very different from all other models of Automower and all robot mowers for that matter.

Automower 435X husqvarna 435x automower

While the articulation does slow it down a little bit, causes the turns to be a bit more complex and it cant turn directly on the spot like other 2 wheels models. The improvements to grip and pushing power are quite impressive. Where most other robot mowers are not super strong at pushing this one can push over moderately sized weeds and shrubs.

While the articulation adds a bit more complexity to the system it really is cool to see it in action, it’s more of a dance around the lawn and you get to see the reversing skills of the engineers at Husqvarna. 😉 All in all, what the 4-wheel drive and articulation system create in complexity, weight, and price increase, more than makes up for in capability and power.


The Automower has an ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system that allows the robot to see its surroundings and avoid obstacles. While this is an addon for some other models this one is standard for the 435X.

When the mower detects an obstacle nearby, whether that be your foot, a ball on the lawn, or a child, with will slow down and avoid the obstacle.

Automower 435X Connectivity

One of the great things about this mower is its connectivity options. Not only is it GPS guided and has cellular connectivity for theft protection it also has connectivity via Bluetooth for direct control with your phone.

While it is lacking Wifi this isn’t really that much of an issue. If you need direct control of the mower with your phone you can use the Bluetooth connectivity with the Automower® Connect App to configure it easily.

It has connectivity with the smart home system by way of the installed cellular connectivity, allowing it to get remote updates and be controlled via the could, including your choice of smart home whatever that happens to be, Google, Alexa, or Siri.

What We Like

The Husqvarna Automower 435X has a lot of features it is similar in features to the 450x, while doing almost everything the other robot mowers can do the 435X is a stronger more capable machine.

This Automower 435x is just as good in a commercial installation as it is in a home. There are many situations where you may need to use a 435X for commercial installation instead of a normal model.

If you do need a commercial robot mower for hills then the 435x is perfect for this as it integrates with Husqvarna’s fleet platform meaning you can easily manage it with a group of other robot mowers. So you can easily cover that area with difficult terrain with the 435X. Then have other mowers running on the flat areas where they are best suited to it.

435x automower

What We Don’t

Price – this is a very pricy robot mower, in the long run, this is still cheaper than all the other options but we do wish it was a bit better price.

The fact that the mower doesn’t have Wifi is a little issue, while it has connectivity through cellular that’s great but it means you will need to pay for a sim card for it after the factory subscription expires. Not a major issue but just something that could have been avoided with the inclusion of a wifi module.

Other than that this really is a great mower, and it should be for the price. At its price point, it really is up there with one of the most expensive robot mowers for a home before going to a commercial one.

HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 435X Technical Specifications

AppAutomower Connect
ConnectivityWi-fi, Cellular, Bluetooth
Battery Capacity4 Ah
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Voltage18V
Charge Time65 Mins
Cutting Time100 Mins
Working Area3600 m | 0.9 acres
Perimeter TypeWire
Maximum Incline35° (70%)
Cutting Width22 cm | 8.7 inch
Cutting Height - Min1.2 inch | 3 cm
Cutting Height - Max2.8 Inch | 7 cm
Cutting SystemTriple discs with rotating razor blades
Cutting MotorBrushless
Wheel MotorBrushless
Sound Level62 dB
Dimensions93(L) x 56(W) x 30(H) cm | 36.6(L) x 22(W) x 11.4(H) inch
Weight17.2 kg | 38 lb
Warranty2 Years
FeaturesAuto Charging, Dual Guide Wires, Electric Height Adjustment, LED headlights, Lift and Tilt sensors, Obstacle avoidance, Settings Pannel, Smart Home Integration, Ultra Silent, Weather Timer


The Automower 435X is undoubtedly the best robot mower for mowing hills, exactly why we call it the king of the hill. No other robot mower manufacturer has even created something so specialized as this one for dealing with difficult terrain. So if you live somewhere that has a very steep lawn that you don’t want to keep mowing then maybe this is your only option.

It is a super capable model and where others will struggle this one will succeed, including knocking over large weeds and pushing its way through heavier grass thanks to its strong 4WD setup.

The Automower 435X really is the best robot mower for hills, mainly because it’s the only one specifically designed for them.

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