best robotic lawn mowers

7 Best Robot Lawn Mowers for Your Lawn

Best Robot Mower of 2022

Husqvarna automower 315x

Husqvarna Automower 315X

Best Robot Mower Under $1000

worx landroid wr140 robot lawn mower

Worx WR153 Landroid

Best Premium Robot Mower

ambrogio 4.0 Elite

Ambrogio 4.0 Elite

Welcome to our list of the Best Robot Lawn Mowers of 2023

Here we will break down the best robot mowers of 2023 for you.

Do you want to reclaim your weekends in 2023? 

A Robot mower will help you do that. Automation is coming into every area of our lives and doing the garden work is no different. There is nothing like watching the robot do a job that we thought that we would be doing forever. There is also a great piece of mind knowing that even if you are not at home the lawn will be taken care of. 

Best Robot Mower for a Tiny Lawn

While the Robomow does not have all the features of the other mowers we have featured in this list is is a very capable little contender. 

It is perfect for someone with a smaller lawn that doesn’t need a bit mower to cover a heap of ground and doesn’t want to pay a lot for a bunch of features they will not use. 

Robomow RX20 Features

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Bluetooth Control through the Robomow App
  • Smart home ready
  • Integrated rain sensor

Robomow RX20

robomow rx20

Best Robot Mower for a Small Urban Lawn

The WORX WR140 is our pick for the best robot Mower for a small urban lawn. We decided on this one because it has a bunch of great features and its just a well built capable machine. It is very capable of taking care of your small lawn with a few great features that go together really well.

Worx WR140 Features

  • Cut-to-edge feature
  • Removable Battery
  • Wifi app Control
  • Obstacle avoidance optional add-on

WORX Landroid WR 150

best robot lawn mower

Best Robot Mower for a Medium Lawn

The Ambrogio NEXT 4.0 range is a great option for a highly reliable robotic mower with some great features. It comes with 3 different “power units” giving the mower different sized batteries for different sized yards. 

This is the latest line of robot mowers from Ambrogio and it shows with this very well refined and industrial-looking robot. 

Ambrogio Next Basic Features

  • Great build quality
  • Self Cleaning
  • Bluetooth App Control
  • Jointed body for superior turning
  • All high-quality brushless motors

Ambrogio NEXT 4.0

ambrogio Next 4.0

Best Robot Mower – High-end Model

Husqvarna really shoehorned the features into this model, it has everything you could ask for smart home integration all the way to headlights. 

It is a very capable model of Robot mower for most households with a larger lawn and especially those that have an existing smart home setup that this will integrate with perfectly. 

Automower 430X Features

  • GPS Navigation
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Headlights
  • Ultra-silent
  • Electric height adjustment

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