WORX landroid WR150

Ultimate WORX Landroid WR150/WR153 Review

Worx WR150


Build Quality


Sound Level









  • Quickly change 20V battery
  • GPS has a one-year cellular coverage
  • Great App


  • Can only cut half an acre in a single charge
  • Is not rain-proof
  • Lowest height setting is 1.6 inches

The benefits of a neatly manicured lawn are multi-folds – it keeps your family safe from pests, prevents the lawn from looking like a mess, and ensures that you aren’t getting raised brows from your neighbors.

But let’s be honest, mowing the lawn isn’t exciting. It’s a taxing, time-consuming errand that eats up our free time like weeds. Those few who say they love mowing, don’t look forward to doing it in inclement weather conditions. 

Robot lawn mowers are heaven-sent creations here to rescue us from getting significant blocks of our time taken up by lawn mowing. In this article, we will look at Worx WR150/WR153 Landroid review— two best-selling lawn mower models that are ideal for homeowners like you who want a hand-free solution to keeping their lawn looking pristine all year round. 

Worx, as a company, has always been at the forefront of technology when it comes to outdoor equipment. They are a deeply trusted brand that pushes the limits of innovation, and its high-end lawnmowers are the product of that. 

Worx WR150 Landroid Lawn Mower 

Worx WR150 Landroid is a sophisticated unit that runs on a 20 Volt 4 Ah rechargeable lithium battery, which allows it to cut up half an acre on a single charge.

The unit comes with a boundary wire which you need to lay around the perimeter of your lawn, along with around obstacles, like garbage cans, or landscape features that you want to keep away from the mower. Once done, the Landroid will mow the lawn within the defined area.

Key features at a glance:

  • Cuts up to ½ acre
  • Patented AIA technology that takes the robot lawnmower through narrow pathways
  • Customizable mowing schedule
  • Cuts to the edge  
  • GPS-enabled
  • Rain-sensor that signals the mower to go back to the base station
  • Anti-Collision System
  • 20V 4.0 Ah rechargeable lithium battery 
  • App and WIFI controlled

The Good

  • Quickly replaceable 20V battery
  • GPS has a one-year cellular coverage
  • Has a sleek orange finish
  • Comes with an anti-collision system and rain sensors
  • Automatic lawn mower with comprehensive in-app control
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows for geofencing, providing a worry-free working environment

The Bad

  • The lowest height you can set is 1.6 inches
  • Can only cut half an acre in a single charge
  • It isn’t rain-proof

WR150/153 Key Features Explained


When WR150 is about to run out of battery, it will navigate to the charging station to recharge. This can take up to 90 minutes, after which it will get back to work. Note that it uses the same 20V battery pack as all of the other power tools by Worx, so if you need a new battery in a jiffy, you can always swap or share. 

Adapts to the Terrain:

If your lawn is flat, then there’s nothing to worry about. If it has slopes, even then, you don’t have anything to worry about because this unit can handle hills up to 35%. It will hug the shape of your lawn and accurately trim the grass blades evenly even in elevated areas or edges. That said, you may have to trim the grass right against the wall and other tricky areas but it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. 

Rain Sensor:

A little rain won’t damage your mower, but if there’s a downpour, the built-in rain sensor will navigate itself to seek shelter at the charging station and recommence work once the rain stops. You can program the mower to resume work based on the duration of the rain and how wet the grass is.

Cut quality:

This mower has a 9-inch wide cutting disk, and you can customize the cutting height to sit between 1.9 to 3.5 inches. Its razor-sharp three offset blades sit on a spinning cylinder and are designed to dice up the grass reasonably close to the ground (some other robot mowers will cut even lower than 1.9 inches) and give you a stunningly even finish. Its mulching system produces fine clippings that decompose right back into the turf, enriching it with nitrogen which helps create thicker and fuller grass. 

Cutting pattern:

Landroid mowers are based on a preset algorithm that makes them cut in a random pattern. This way there are no visible stripes, just carpet-like even finish. 

Narrow paths:

Worx150 comes equipped with AIA cutting technology that you won’t find in other brands. This guides the mower seamlessly through grasses on narrow pathways, or right around obstacles, ensuring there are no unmowed spots left behind. That said, it is recommended that the mower doesn’t travel on gravel or terrains with other loose materials because it can cause the unit to get stuck. 


WR150 comes with an anti-collision (added purchase) feature that helps it to detect obstacles at a distance and turn before it bumps into them and causes harm or is damaged. If someone were to lift the mower during operation, the blades will stop and retract so as to not cause injuries. For equipment protection against theft, there is a “Find My Landroid” feature that will tell you the GPS coordinates of the unit’s location in case it’s stolen (added purchase). You can also enable a pin code lockout. 

Quiet performance:

WR150 provides a very quiet operation. You can sit outside or chill inside the house without being disturbed by your lawnmower’s cacophonous antics. 

Control and Customization: landroid app on a phone

WR150 can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet through its native app. Set up multi-zone cutting zones, mowing schedules, change cutting height, get notifications about the mower’s location and status updates, you can also use it to measure the size of your lawn based on which the mower will suggest an auto-schedule for best performance. The app will automatically motor when Landroid is actively cutting or charging. You can also use it to remotely schedule the mower to run even when you’re not at home. That’s right: you can be out with friends on a coffee date or movie, while the mower does the dirty work for you. Plus, the software that the mower runs on updates automatically. 


WR150 will cost you around $1299.96, which is much lower than the other robotic lawn mowers available in the market today. You don’t need to replace the blades often unless your lawn has loose sticks or rocks, which can affect the blade if it were to run over it. But otherwise, replacing them once every season should be good. You don’t have to purchase fertilizers either because the mulching system keeps your yard nourished.

Worx WR150 / WR153 Tehcnical Specifications

ModelLandroid WR150Landroid WR153
AppWorx LandroidWorx Landroid
Battery Capacity4.0 Ah4.0 Ah
Battery TypeLi-ionLi-ion
Battery Voltage20V20V
Charge Time90 Mins90 Mins
Cutting Time
Working Area2000 m² | 0.5 Acre2000 m² | 0.5 Acre
Zones4 Zones4 Zones
Perimeter TypeWireWire
Maximum Incline20°20°
Cutting Width7 inch | 18 cm7 inch | 18 cm
Cutting Height - Min1.6 inch | 4 cm1.6 inch | 4 cm
Cutting Height - Max3.9 inch | 10 cm3.9 inch | 10 cm
Cutting SystemSingle disc with pivoting razor blades, offset for better edge cuttingSingle disc with pivoting razor blades, offset for better edge cutting
Cutting MotorBrushlessBrushless
Wheel MotorBrushlessBrushless
Sound Level63 dB63 dB
Anti-TheftYesYes, with additional find my Landroid GPS Tracking.
Dimensions25(W) X 17.5(D) X 8.86(H) inches | 56(W) X 38(D) X 25(H) cm25(W) X 17.5(D) X 8.86(H) inches | 56(W) X 38(D) X 25(H) cm
Weight22.9lbs | 10.4kg22.9lbs | 10.4kg
Warranty3 Years3 Years
FeaturesRemovable Battery, Cut to edge, rain sensor, All weather designRemovable Battery, Cut to edge, rain sensor, All weather design
Optional FeaturesAnti-Collision System, Radio link wifi extender, Landroid GarageAnti-Collision System, Radio link wifi extender, Landroid Garage

Worx WR153 Landroid Lawn Mower

Worx WR153 Landroid is the latest, modified version of 150. The only real difference is that WR153 has a cutting height range of 1.6 to 3.9 inches. Every other feature, except the cost, is the same as the 150 version. This unit will cost you $1,499. 

It costs about $300 more because Find My Landroid GPS is included in your purchase. This is a feature that’s priced at $299 and just be brought separately with Landroid WR150.


To get the maximum benefits out of your Worx Landroid, befit it with the following accessories.

  • Landroid Garage Protection:

    worx landroid garage

    For an extra $139, you can give the Landroid’s base station an extra layer of protection against extreme heat, cold, high wind, and heavy rain. When your Landroid seeks shelter in the base, it won’t be harmed by the harsh weather elements. This protection easily screws into the charging base.  

  • Landroid Off-Limits Digital Fencing:

    If you don’t want to use a physical boundary wire, for an extra $129.99, get yourself a magnetic strip to create no-mow zones. This is good to use around temporary items like trampolines, bounce houses, grillers, lawn furniture, etc. The installation is as simple as laying the strip around the object and inserting the off-limit module into it the Landroid. 

  • Landroid Anti-collision System: 

    For $249.99, this device uses ultrasonic detectors to sense obstacles and navigation around them. You have to screw this on top of your Landroid to give it eyes. If your lawn is clear, or if you have magnetic strips in place securing obstacles, then this isn’t necessary.

  • Find My Landroid GPS Location Anti-Theft Device:

    Robotic Lawnmowers are a relatively expensive investment that needs to be secured. The device uses a cellular signal to track the Landroid and will alert you right when it’s taken out of the zone guarded by the boundary wire. In case of theft, it will lock down the unit instantly. 

  • Landroid Outdoor Rated Wire Connectors:

    Needed for boundary wire installation. Each set comes with five connectors and can hold the wire in place in extreme weather. 

  • Cutting Blades:

    Each set comes with 12 pieces of 1-inch blades that are two-sided. 

  • Landroid Boundary Wire Kit:

    Your purchase comes with a boundary wire, but if you have a large lawn and need extra cable, you can get this kit to extend the boundary by 165 feet. 

How to Install 

The installation can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, but it’s also a one-and-done process. 

Charging station:

Screw in your base station to the ground within 32 feet from a power outlet. Place it in a shaded area if possible, especially if you haven’t bought the added Garage protection. Since this is essentially your Landroid’s home and safety space, you need to ensure the unit can stay protected in harsh weather. 

Leave 32 inches of clear space in front of the station and 12 inches on the exit side. 

Make sure that the base is situated on a flat surface for the mower to dock effortlessly.

WR150 Boundary Wire:small 3d house with boundaries

Pass the wire through the base and then along the ground, securing it with pegs that should be positioned at least 32 inches apart. 

The kit should come with a gauge. Use this to measure the distance from the boundary wire to the edge of the yard. There should be at least a 4-inch distance. If there are steps at the end of your yard, the wire should be at least 10.2 inches away. Keep the cord as close to the ground as possible. 

You can also trench the boundary wire, but don’t bury it more than 2 inches under the ground. 

When laying the wire around an obstacle, do it clockwise. Otherwise, the cable will cross the boundary and crash straight into the object.

When laying wires next to each other, make sure they aren’t overlapping or crossing. 

Power it on:

Once the boundary wire is entirely secured and reaches the base again, pass it through the guide and insert it into the clamp. Close the cover. Plug the cord into the outlet, and the green light should come on. 

Insert the battery into the Landroid. Place it on the charging base. Once it’s fully charged, the LED light will turn solid green. At that point, the robot mower is ready to use! 

How do robot lawn mowers work? 

They work similarly to robot vacuums. Robot lawn mowers navigate through the lawn mulching away at the tall grass. They operate with batteries, blades, charging stations, boundary wire, and sensors. 

With one end of the boundary wire connected to the base station, the length of the wire is placed along the perimeter of your property. Along with charging the mower itself, the base also keeps the wire charged. This way, when the mower works it knows where the boundary is and not to cross it. The sensors on the mower will also be able to use the wire as a guide to return to the base when the job is done or if it needs to be recharged.

But they’re so expensive, why get a robotic lawnmower anyway?

Worx’s WR150/153 is actually one of the most affordable options when it comes to autonomous lawnmowers. The price is generally one of the biggest friction that keeps people away from benefiting from this technology. But other than the upfront purchase price, the maintenance isn’t really much.

In the long run, a robot lawnmower actually saves you money in terms of not having to hire landscaping companies to handle lawn work for you. Plus, it saves you time which you can spend doing more important things. It isn’t gas-powered, so you don’t have to worry about fuel or any toxic emissions. 

These mowers groom and also feed. Because they dice the grass into tiny particles, they disintegrate and soak up into the lawn bed quicker than tall grass. One striking benefit of WR150/153 is that it doesn’t mow the grass flush to the ground which is great to keep the moisture in the grass during arid weather.

Even if you don’t have a perfectly rectangular, completely flat lawn, these robot mowers will still be able to adapt to the terrain, shape, and size. If your yard is only ¼ acres, then you can buy a WR 140/143 which costs even less. Their super-quiet functionality makes them ideal to be scheduled to operate even at night. You, nor your neighbors, won’t hear a thing! 

Final Thoughts

We hope this Worx WR150/WR153 Landroid review helps you decide whether or not these robot lawnmowers can help you with your lawn upkeep. WR150/153 is best-suited for those who are newly minted into the world of smart home devices. These affordable lawnmowers make a time-consuming chore easy, and it’s durable enough to last strong for years. It’s an intelligent and affordable turf care solution that can be easily customized to cut lawns of any size and shape. The time to retire your gas mower is now and bring Worx to your lawn. 

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