Stihl RMI 422
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The Best Stihl RMI 422 Review

Stihl RMI 422


Build Quality











  • Affordable Price
  • Quiet
  • Speed
  • Good App


  • Plastic shell is thin
  • Needs Boundry Wire
  • Wet grass can be a problem
Stihl RMI 422

Is the Stihl RMI 422 the best budget robot lawnmower currently available?

We have gone into depth when looking at this affordable robotic mower from the big-hitting company STIHL.

At first glance, you know exactly who made this little robot, even if the stickers were gone! and this instantly brings us a piece of mind for things such as build quality, reputation and warranty.

Times are changing though and we always point out “Things are just not made like they use to be”

So let’s see! Is it too good to be true?

Stihl RMI 422 Features & Design

The first thing you notice with the RMI 422 is the trade mark Stihl Orange! Take it as you will but we see it as a nod to tradition!

admittedly people who appreciate the finer things in life may want to opt for a brand that has bling-like mag wheels, and a less abrasive colour. (but at least you will find this one if it pops out for a drive!)

The features at this price point are usually a little dismal to put it politely, BUT Stihl has done very well.

You can control this mower via the iMow app straight from your phone thanks to the inbuilt cellular function, it doesn’t have GPS but for smaller yards that won’t be an issue.

The iMow 422 runs so quietly that you will bearly hear it working “60db”

In-built rain sensors that return it home automatically

What is the cutting height of the iMOW?. from .79” to 2.4”

Set up is easy and included (depending on your location ) else Stihl will walk you through the process and be available at any stage to answer questions.

5-year warranty!

Stihl iMow

What We Like

Obviously to most attractive points of this mower are its price and the name stamped on it but you can’t just judge a mower by its cover now can you, because that would not be fair!

underneath its plastic shell seems to be a well-built little machine that not only runs quietly but it also seems to cut the grass better than its competitors, that at first seems odd as this uses 1 fixed blade like a traditional mower, whereas the competition has mainly used floating razors?? puzzled? where not! let us remind you it’s a Stihl “they just do what they’re made to, and bloody well too!

This little Stihl iMow also shakes down its competition on speed and coverage with a run time of 60min per charge, and a charge time of 90min this mower will look after 0.4 acres (1600sqm) That’s a lot of grass! and obviously will take about 20 charges to complete, although that is what is stated we would probably like to see it grooming 0.3acre or less for efficiency it just makes sense.

We also love the addition of the rain sensors in this iMow as it is usually something that is found at higher price points. we all know how much harder it is to mow the lawns when their damp and robotic mowers feel the same! As they mulch the grass into a fine material they work pretty hard. If it were to run during the rain it will most certainly get clogged, give an error code and stop, but thankfully the sensors help prevent this from happening.

Connectivity appears to be smooth and straightforward forward but what else would you expect from Stihl? the mower has LTE cellular connection thanks to no other than AT&T with their iMow app which makes it reliable and strong.

What We Don’t

We don’t like how the plastic cover feels, it does seem a little thin although it does hold up well with bush scratching it would definitely be something to keep an eye on over time.

Probably now the biggest deal breaker for new robot mower purchases is the boundary wire! and this is another one on that list! we think it will still be some time before boundary wires are a thing of the past. Even so, this Mower would love %90 of backyards.

We did just say how we like the connectivity but… we would have loved for it to be capable of over air updates (wireless updates)

this mower also has been known to bring up error codes in both cold and hot weather. probably something else to ask Stihl about?

Stihl RMI 422

ModelRMI 422
Battery TypeLithium
Charge time90min
Run time60min
Area0.4 acres 1600sqm
Perimeter wireYes
Max Incline22 deg
Cutting width7.8'' 20cm
Max cutting height2.4'' 6cm
Min Cut Height0.8'' 2cm
Cutting systemFixed Blade
Cutting motorBrushless
Wheel motorBrushless
Sound db60db
Anti TheftPin
Diemensions23.6Lx16.9Wx10.6H inch
60Lx43Wx27H cm
Weight19.8pds - 8.98kg
Warrenty5 Years!


We are constantly on the lookout for the perfect Robotic Lawn Mower! Is the Stihl Imow 422 it?

If you are first and foremost after an affordable mower, you should not look past this unit!

we understand that everyone’s needs are different but this mower has outdone the competition in possibly every way, it is no small task either by the way for such a small robot.

It cuts the grass near perfect every time while the others tend to leave forgotten patches, and yet it does its job faster too!

Apart from trimming your boundary line every week or 3 and brushing out the blades once a week, there should not be much else this mower needs.

from our experience, this Is the Affordable Robotic Mower you should buy and we will Label it so!

Stihl RMI 422 imow The King of the Little Ones !!

Stihl Robot Mower Price

At the time of writing this article, the stihl rmi 422 p imow was available on Stihl USA for $1399

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