How Long Do Robotic Mowers Last

Robot Mower Lifespan: 11 Best Tips What You Need to Know

Considering that robotic mowers are costly, you will want to ensure that you purchase a lawn-mowing robot that will last longer. Robotic mowers contain complicated technology, digital connectivity, and sophisticated design that require regular maintenance to prolong their service life.

The best Robotic mowers can last up to ten years, but their longevity depends on various things and varies across designs and brands.

How Long Do a Robot Mowers Last?

The secret to keeping your lawn mower efficient and long-lasting is routine maintenance. It might last longer because all the functional parts are replaceable. Unfortunately, replaceable parts will have to be changed more regularly as the machine ages, which is why it is more cost-effective and less of a headache to invest in a new mower.

Most designers believe that a robot mower should endure at least ten years of performing well. How you manage the mower will determine how well it will last, and here are a few suggestions to guide you.

How to Extend the Life of a Robotic Mower

There are measures you can take to help your robotic mower last longer. Let us find out how to increase the likelihood that you will be able to use your mower for ten years.

01: Carry Out Maintenance Procedures Annually

Maintenance is essential to the life of your mower; routine checks will reveal potential issues before they become problematic, but it is necessary to keep the warranty active.

If your mower has a warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer can expertly fix it in the unusual scenario that something goes wrong.

02: Don’t Keep the Mower with a Dead Battery

If you store your mower for too long, charge the battery fully. The batteries tend to discharge even if the machine is on standby, and if the charge is insufficient, it may be entirely flat when you need to use it, or it may not start at all.

03:  Keep the Charging Point Covered

To some extent, the charging dock of a lawn mower will be waterproof, and if it begins raining, it will not be dangerous. You must always handle the power source carefully and be conscious of wetness and humidity. Some robotic mowers are sensitive to water and will immediately revert to the charging point once it starts to rain; covering the station in a robotic garage will keep it safe from humidity and moisture. We have an awesome article about selecting the best robot garages for your lawn mower right here

04: Get an Original Mower with Quality Tires

If you do not get a top-quality mower with sturdy tires, do not expect it to last for long. So, strive to get the mower with the original tires to avoid spending extra money on tie replacements. Excellent items from reputable manufacturers will never let you down. Do not fall into the trap of buying an affordable mower; this is part of prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

05: Correct Storage

Another strategy to extend the life of your lawn mower is to store it carefully. Of course, you are not going to disassemble it every time you are through with mowing. Instead, if you do not have a motor shed in your garden or residence, you should build one, particularly for your lawnmower. If you want to get the best out of any machine, be careful how you handle it after use. Treat the robotic mover well if you want it to serve you; this will take the mower a long way toward longevity and maximum output.

Factors to Consider When Determining the Longevity of a Robotic Mower

Reliability and longevity are crucial factors to consider when buying a robotic lawnmower, and they may be more significant than sensational attributes and specs.

Keep an eye out for the following elements that will determine the longevity of your mower;

01: Warranty Coverage of the Mower

A good warranty may give you comfort about the quality and lifespan of a robotic mower when purchasing one. However, any component failure can be costly in complex garden equipment such as a robot mower.

Leading robotic mower companies give a warranty that ensures the replacement or repair of a broken mower within a specified time frame. If your robotic mower breaks down within the warranty period, the company may either repair it themselves or refer you to a repair facility to fix it at their expense.

02: The Performance of the Battery

The battery in a robotic lawnmower is a vital component that determines its life. Look for excellent battery packs that you can readily replace to prolong the lifespan of your mower.

Lithium-ion batteries run the majority of robotic lawnmowers. Its design enables consistent recharge and efficiency across a wide range of charging intervals. Before you buy the mower, be sure that you can find replaceable batteries for your model.

03: Availability of Spare Parts

Finding and installing mower spares on time prolongs its life expectancy. Mowing mechanical activity means that some components will eventually wear out. Fortunately, this unfolds at various levels for different sections, and it takes several years before the machine completely breaks down.

04:  Configuration for Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the most efficient way to keep a robotic lawnmower in good working order over time. A good setup and configuration improve the mower charging unit, and long-term upkeep and prompt fixes and replacement of faulty equipment. Routine maintenance will prolong the life of your mower.

05: Mower Disassembly and Detailed Cleaning

The mower maintenance personnel disassemble the mower and remove all the filth and grass clippings from its moving parts to operate correctly.

06: Troubleshooting Using Software

Automated software-based capability checks that replicate the functioning of the mower and the way it reacts to various conditions are a vital component of the servicing procedure. Servicing specialists can guarantee that any software updates are appropriately deployed and resolve any issues that may arise.


Several elements influence the durability of a robotic mower. Furthermore, how you operate and maintain your robotic mower will determine its lifespan. Cleaning your mower, handling it safely, and being risk-free can all help you make the most of your new robotic lawnmower.

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