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BEETL – The Amazing Robot Pooper Scooper

Dogs are the most-owned pet in the world. They’re miracles with fur and paws — full of bliss, a carefree attitude, and unconditional love.

Playing fetch, going for walks, and being greeted by them every day with a wagging tail, there’s plenty to look forward to.

The only task that’s a tedious, annoying necessity is picking up dog droppings from the yard. But with Beetl Robotic’s Dog poop Roomba, that messy chore doesn’t have to be yours anymore. 

Beetl automatically finds, detects, and scoops up dog poop from anywhere in your yard if you’ve several dogs, Then this robotic pooper scooper will be a lifesaver.

Beetl pooper scooper

Dog Poop Robot: How It Works

The robotic pooper scooper works very much like a robot lawnmower. 

Beetl comes with an in-built computer system and front cameras, which enables it to roam around the yard, searching and detecting dog poop. The cameras take pictures of your yard and send them to the cloud. The cloud system detects the dog poop and sends the information back to Beetl.

Once it spots its target, it wheels itself over to the scene and scoops up the dirty mess with its robotic claw.  

Once in “hand,” it places the poop onto a sealed container and stores it for you to dispose of later. 

The front cameras and computer vision help it navigate through the lawn without bumping into obstacles, like trees or fences. You can even program the robot to stay within a certain perimeter and prevent it from going beyond that pre-defined boundary. This way, you’ve got the peace of mind that the little guy isn’t rolling through the streets in search of dog poop to scoop.  

Beetl Robotic pooper scooper by Roomba is battery-powered, and when running low on charge, it will autonomously take itself to the base station to recharge, and then resume patrol once full. 

The process is nifty, with the one drawback being that its claws also picks up a little bit of the lawn around what your canine friend left behind.

Beetl Specs & Functions

There are no specs released yet on the Beetl but this is what we have found so far..

The Beetle Pooper Scooper Robot by Roomba is a unique and highly specialized robot that offers innovative and efficient cleaning solutions for pet owners. With its advanced technology, this robotic device can clean up pet waste from any surface with ease.

Some of the key specs of this machine include its powerful suction system that can pick up even the smallest particles of pet waste, it’s five-stage filtration system that ensures optimal cleaning performance, and its long battery life that can provide hours of continuous cleaning.

The device also features an advanced navigation system that allows it to navigate around obstacles and find the most efficient cleaning path, as well as a built-in camera that lets you monitor the cleaning progress from your mobile device.

Overall, the Beetle Pooper Scooper Robot by Roomba is a highly efficient and reliable tool for any pet owner looking for a convenient and effortless way to clean up pet waste. Its advanced features make it a top-of-the-line product, and it has quickly become a favourite amongst pet owners worldwide.

Is The Beetl Robotic Roomba Pooper Scooper A Good Investment?

How much is the robotic pooper scooper? The Beetl isn’t for everyone — if you’ve one dog, you need to ask yourself whether you’ll use this device enough to justify its cost (which hasn’t been revealed yet) because, at the end of the day, how much can a dog poop?

It is a good idea for those who have multiple pets because then there are numerous messes to clean throughout the day, every day. It’s also suitable for those who like to let their pets out in the yard unmonitored. The robot will prevent accidents where you might be walking through the lawn, looking up at the bright blue sky,  enjoying the nice warm weather, and you suddenly step into dog poop. 

All that said— this device will be a smart investment if it was multifunctional. This is something that Beetl Robotics is currently working on. Their latest iteration of this robot pooper scooper is equipped with a sickle-bar grass shear mechanism that enables it to mow the lawns along with scooping dog poop. Now that’s something worth the price. This will be the best pooper scooper ever!

Beetl Robotic Pooper Scooper: Pros and Cons

What we like

  • It’s set and forget type of deal: 
    Robotic pooper scooper functions autonomously. You just have the one-time task of defining its boundary with a perimeter wire and setting up the charging station once. After that, the robot will work on its own. 
  • Connects to the cloud: 
    This AI within this robot binds to a cloud network, which means you can download new features and upgrades into the system right as it gets released. 
  • Saves time and effort: 
    If you are a household with multiple dogs, walking around looking for dog poop can be exhaustive. And then dealing with picking it up, disposing of it, making sure you don’t get any on your hand, takes a lot of time. Plus, the odour and consistency can be icky to face every day. This robot does the legwork for you, so all that’s left for you is to dispose of the poop, which is already placed in a container. 
  • Doesn’t bump into objects: 
    If you have plants, trees, swings, rocks, etc., in your lawn, you can place the wire around it, and the robot will avoid rolling over that area into the object. This protects your property and your device as well. Otherwise, its claws can do a bit of damage to the landscape. 
  • Runs on batteries: 
    You don’t have to keep this device plugged into an outlet. It runs on batteries, and once the charging station is set up, it’s sensors will follow the perimeter wire along with the signals from the station and return to it if it’s running low on juice or if it’s done patrolling for dog poop. 

What we don’t like

  • Not much information: 
    There isn’t enough specific information available online. We still don’t know critical info like product dimensions, if it’s waterproof, if it comes with a perimeter wire, how long the battery lasts, and more. 
  • The claw may pluck the grass: 
    While scooping up the dog poop, the robot might pluck some of the lawn around it. But it may not be too noticeable. 
  • Cleaning the claws: 
    While you won’t have to run around cleaning after your dog every time it does the deed, you will have to clean the claws of the robot after it scoops. More information needs to be provided about the cleaning process and how frequently it needs to be cleaned. 
Guilty dog

Where to Buy Beetl Dog Poop Robot?

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer for this to hit the market. It is still in the concept phase, with its prototype out in action. But the developers behind it will be putting it out to mass production soon. 

As of now, there’s little specific information available about the product itself, along with the release date. 

Check irobot roomba for Updates Here!

Beetl pooper scooper

Final Thoughts

Although we’ve to wait a little longer for this robotic pooper scooper to actually hit the shelves and our lawn, we can definitely appreciate the concept’s novelty— the Beetl Robot Poop-Scooper is definitely a unique and practical idea that will serve a useful purpose for over 35 million dog owners just in the US. 

Plus, if it comes equipped with lawn mowing capability too, then we think this will be a product that will hit the wish list of millions worldwide. 

But Sadly there is no release date yet so we will just have to settle for the already available pooper scoopers.

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Bruce Norton

I would be very interested in buying one when you mass produce them


My husband can not wait till this comes out to the public. My only concern is how much grass it will pull up and if it will travel in my yard my grass is 2-3 inches high and fluffy thick. The grass is my husbands baby.


2 yrs later


If device can pickup poop periodically, it would limit smell and flies. I have synthetic turf for the dogs to go to. Not interested in additional functionality, for it’s important to have something that’s reliable and obtrusive.

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It’s clear that you are passionate about making a positive impact and your blog is a testament to that Thank you for all that you do