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Flymo Easylife 250 The Ultimate Review, is it Good?

Flymo Easylife 250


Build Quality


Sound level









  • Price
  • Husqvarna Parts
  • Bluethooth


  • Parameter Wire
  • Only 2 year Warranty

Is the Flymo Easylife Life a great robot mower? at its price, it seems too good to be true.

The Flymo Easylife 250 Go is just one of their range that varies from the flymo easilife 150 models to the 800. This represents the m2 the mower is capable of, making your mower selection easier. if you are unsure about your yard size don’t worry we have you covered, you can use our free lawn size calculator HERE!

By now it must be no secret that flymo robotic mower is a subsidiary of the powerhouse Husqvarna. the 250 Go by Flymo has identical specs in almost every aspect to the Husqvarna 115h ( our review here ) and the Gardena Sileno range ( our review here ) we have added the links to our other reviews so you can check for yourself what little differences there are if any between these 3 brands and 4 options for small entry-level robotic lawn mowers.

easylife 250

Flymo Easylife 250 Go Features

Connectivity, the Easylife range of mowers all have included Bluetooth application that pairs with your smartphone for total control via the Easylife App by Gardena, this makes operation just that bit smoother.

Safety, it features both tilt and lift sensors that will stop the blade from spinning when activated. the mower is also hose washable which means you don’t need to get your hands near the razor blades when removing built-up grass.

Sence, the robot lawn mower can detect when the ground is frozen and will automatically adjust its mowing schedule to allow the grass to thaw.

Sound, It is noted to have a running sound level of 58db which puts it just under the average for robotic mowers of 60db, this will allow you to run it without you or the neighbours noticing.

Cut Height, The mower features a min height of 20mm which is about as low as you will find on any robotic lawn mower and will allow for that sharp finish. it also has a max height of 50mm for that fluffy look.

Blades, The Flymo range all use a floating razor system which is the most popular in robot lawnmowers, these offer a clean cut and the mower is designed to mulch the grass as it cuts and pushes it down to the soil, aiding in fertilisation and moister retention, two benefits your traditional petrol mower doesn’t have.

Pollution, needles to say being electric it produces 0 c02 which is better for everyone including the planet, did you know a traditional petrol mower produces 11x more pollution than 1 new car?

Reduce running cost, you might not be aware that the power figure may seem a lot but we can assure you it works out much cheaper than the price of fuel, oil, spark plugs and filters!

What We Like

We absolutely love the price of Easylife 250, comparing it to its identical brother and sisters it is the cheapest.

The fact that all the parts are made by Husqvarna also puts the mind at rest, knowing that they will last, and if they don’t then parts are very easy to find!

The fact that they produce a mower for so many lawn sizes means that you can save a little by not buying a robot mower that’s larger than you need.

The inclusion of multi-zone start point is surprisingly a feature that is not available on all its twin counterparts that are more expensive.

The Gardena App with Bluetooth connection allows full control over all settings without needing to navigate a tiny led screen on the mower.

easylife 250

What We Don’t Like

The Warranty of 2 years is actually not very impressive, the industry average is 3 with the exception of STIHL offering 5 years!

Boundry wires are still something that we need to put here because they just are not practical for every application, admittedly they work well but can’t be used everywhere.

Flymo Easylife 250 Go Specs

ModelEasylife 250 Go
Charge Time60min
Cut Time60min
Area2700sqft - 250m2
Parameter WireYes
Max incline14deg
Cutting Width6.2" - 16cm
Cut Height Max1.96" - 50mm
Cut Height Min0.8" - 20mm
BladesFloating Razor
Cutting Motorunknowen
Wheel Motorunknowen
Anti TheftPin / Alarm
Dimensions20.8x13.2x8.4" - 51.8x33.7x21.5cm
weight13.4Ib - 6.1kg
Warranty2 Years
Flymo Easylife instalation


Should you buy a flymo 250 robotic mower? on our findings and tests, we would consider this to be a great buy and found it to be quite good at its job. with its price point being about as cheap as it gets and the fact it has a decent app with total control as well as a big network for spare parts, we conclude that this may not be everyone’s choice so check the 1500+ reviews on Amazon. We do like this mower and believe it has made a mark in the affordable Robotic Lawn Mower industry.

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