The Gardena R80Li is a capable mower for a small lawn. It is very similar to the R50Li but this one has a lot more lawn capacity at 800m² rather than 500m².  Both mowers have all the basics like clipping mulching, fully automatic, weatherproof, and theft protection.


  • Set and forget
    Despite the lack of additional features this mower is very much a set and forget model. Once you get it setup and operating you can just sit back and let it go. You will have to check it from time to time but thats all.
  • Quiet
    This mower is reasonably quiet, at only 60 Db its one of the quieter of the bunch. You will be able to sleep while it is operating outside.


  • Limited Features
    This is always a problem with a cheaper unit like this. Becasue of the cheaper price they lack some of the better features. Things like GPS to stop it from going over the same areas of lawn repeatedly and making sure it covers the whole lawn. Also connectivity for remte control and management of the robotic mower.
  • No Connectivity
    This is a repeated theme in robot mowers like this but this one is no different in not having any connectivity. That being said if you want something that is simple then this one is definatly basic.

Pros & Cons




Lithium Ion Battery

Anit-Theft System


Small Cutting Width


No Connectivity

No Multi zone managament

Gardena R80Li Tehcnical Specifications

Tehcnical Specifications
Battery Capacity2.5 Ah
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Voltage18V
Charge Time50 Mins
Cutting Time65 Mins
Working Area800 m | 0.2 Acre
Perimeter TypeWire
Maximum Incline22°
Cutting Width6.7 inch | 17 cm
Cutting Height - Min0.8 inch | 2 cm
Cutting Height - Max2 inch | 5 cm
Cutting SystemSingle disc with pivoting razor blades
Cutting Motor-
Wheel Motor-
Sound Level60 dB
Dimensions22.8(W) X 18(D) X 10(H) inches | 58(W) X 46(D) X 26(H) cm
Weight21.2lbs | 7.7kg
Warranty2 Years