Robot Lawn Mowers

We review all kinds of robot lawn mowers, ones for small lawns, big lawns, and, commercial robot mowers.

commercial robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mowers are one of the next steps in automation for the landscaping and greenkeeping industries. They are what happens when you apply robotics, automation, and AI to the field of gardening and lawn maintenance. For businesses they have the potential for large savings in money.

There aren’t a large number of them available at the moment but innovation in the area is ongoing and better more refined machines are being produced all the time.

Commercial robot lawn mowers are designed to work together to cover large areas so that they can do the work of 1 or several greenkeepers at golf clubs, stadiums, public parks and many other areas where maintaining a great lawn is important.

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Commercial Robot Lawn Mowers

best robotic lawn mowers

Best Robot Mower of 2021

Husqvarna automower 315x

Husqvarna Automower 315X

Best Robot Mower Under $1000

worx landroid wr140 robot lawn mower

Worx WR153 Landroid

Best Premium Robot Mower

ambrogio 4.0 Elite

Ambrogio 4.0 Elite

Welcome to our list of the Best Robot Lawn Mowers of 2021

Here we will break down the best robot mowers of 2021 for you.

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Best Robot Lawn Mowers of 2021

robomow rc304u

The Robomow RC304u is a connected robot mower for yards up to 500m², composed of up to 3 sub-zones or 2 separate zones. The RC304 robot mower is a medium-range model of the Robomow brand, whose efficiency and ease of use will make it your best friend for maintaining your lawn.

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ROBOMOW RC304u Review

irobot terra t7 robotic lawn mower

The household robot company iRobot, responsible for creating the uber-famous Roomba, is now set to disrupt the robotic lawn mower industry. With their late entry to the market, the iRobot Terra t7 happening later this year they will be releasing a robot mower without a boundary wire. They are releasing a robotic mower, the terra t7, that will have this major feature that no other manufacturer has yet released.

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iRobot Terra t7 – A Disruptive New Robot Mower