Husqvarna automower 450x

Husqvarna Automower 450X: A Smart Investment

Husqvarna Automower 450X


Build Quality











  • Cuts grass perfectly
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • 4 ½ hours of mowing on a full charge
  • Comprehensive safety and anti-theft security features
  • Has an inbuilt GSM and GPS modules


  • Expensive
  • You need to buy the SIM card and data for the mower
  • Long installation process
  • You still have to cut the edges…

Having a huge yard is a big reason why people buy homes. Little do they realize how much time and labor-based effort goes into maintaining a pristine-looking lawn all year long. The Husqvarna Automower 450X is perfect for this.

The excitement quickly wears off after the first few times, and once the honeymoon period ends, mowing the lawn becomes a tedious chore most no longer enjoy. But procrastination isn’t a viable option — the longer you put it off, the taller the grass gets, grabbing eyeballs from the neighbors and guests for all the wrong reasons. 

Robot lawnmowers exist to rescue you from the misery of pushing around a mower for hours under the scorching sun. Plus, the fact that they are emission-free and environmentally friendly is a compelling bonus to make the switch.

Husqvarna’s new cutting-edge addition to their robot range — Automower 450x — immaculately mows a whopping 1.25 acres in any weather with no complaints. Its sophisticated SMART features such as an inbuilt GPS unit and a highly-intuitive control app makes it perfect for those in the market for a high-end robotic lawnmower. 

Pros & Cons


  • Consistently gives a smooth finish with an excellent cutting capacity
  • Designed to mow large lawns; up to 1.25-acres
  • One session gives 4 ½ hours of mowing on a full charge
  • Recharging  only takes about 60–70 minutes
  • Comprehensive safety and anti-theft security features
  • Pet and children friendly
  • Water and weatherproof
  • Has a rain sensor that triggers the mower to return to the docking station during rain
  • Ultrasonic sensors to detect large objects and prevent hard collision
  • Includes a Weather Timer Mode that automatically calculates the optimal mowing time based on the day’s weather
  • Gives some of the best slope performance in the market
  • Allows customization based on different areas
  • An intelligent app allows for easy customization and control
  • Has inbuilt GSM and GPS modules to keep the mower connected to the internet and to track its location
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home


  • You still have to cut the edges… 
  • Expensive
  • You need to buy the SIM card and data for the mower
  • Long installation process

Husqvarna Automower 450X: What is it?

Automower 450x is Hurqsvana’s high-end lawn mower that comes equipped with sophisticated SMART  technology and a powerful app to control the mower whenever and from wherever. It covers up to 1.25 acres and can handle a 24-degree (45%) incline– if your plot of green is full of fun bumps, the Automower 450x will nimbly move along its shape, trimming away the long grass blades. The GPS module replicates the exact layout of your lawn and records the area that’s been mowed. 

This is an expensive investment, so security is a high priority. 450x makes it easy with its PIN-code, installation lock, and time lock-based security. Burglars will think twice before picking it up and walking away because they don’t want to be caught with its screeching siren. 

Automower 450x is definitely keeping safety in mind because you don’t want to harm children, pets, or even precious flower beds if they cross paths with the mower while it’s on and about. Among other safety features, it has ultrasonic sensors that detect large objects from afar, which significantly slows down the mower. 

husqvarna 450x on dark lawn

But how does it know where to mow? Boundary wires! Your purchase comes with a boundary wire that you lay along the perimeter of your lawn. The shape of your yard doesn’t matter as long as you place the wire across its perimeter.

This wire defines the work area, and your mower will work inside this area. This means your mower won’t be trundling along to your neighbor’s yard. This also means your mower will cover all areas — even those isolated parts across the narrow pathway. 

Automower 450x isn’t a collecting machine. That means it won’t collect the mowed grass clippings, and you don’t have to either. It’s blades cut the grass into very fine clippings, which quickly gets absorbed into the soil, to produce a carpet of healthy, vibrant green grass. Since this mower follows a randomized mowing pattern, it won’t leave lawn stripes. If you are a fan of the stripes, this mower isn’t for you, but if you want a smooth, even finish, then Automower 450x is a model worth a good, serious look. 

Key Features of the 450X

  • Coverage area
    Automower 450x is an excellent option for large plots up to 1.25 acres, and those full of trees and shrubs. Since this mower can handle such a large space with ease, you don’t have to invest in multiple units of smaller auto mowers to get the job done. We want to emphasize its ability to handle large lawn sizes because it’s one of its strongest features — there are very few robot mowers in the market that are made for people with massive residential lawns. This is also a huge reason why it’s more expensive than its competitors. 
  • Cut Quality
    Every year, for a few months, we are blessed with just the right conditions for the world’s flora to thrive. Gardening becomes easy, and people everywhere start testing their green thumbs. Seasons like these also make the weather just right for the grass to grow and regrow, aggressively. Being able to customize the cutting height is ideal for this. Automower 450x gives the flexibility of choosing a cutting range between 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches.  Its cutting width is 24 set at cm regardless of the height. To reliably do its job, the mower uses three pivoting razor blades made of carbon steel, attached to a rotating disk. The blades move using centrifugal force, which means they are only powerful enough to cut through grass, not branches or toys that it might encounter. Lucky for you, there’s no need to worry about spending precious minutes clearing the lawn before the mower starts.
450x cut quality
  • Slopes
    Husqvarna Automower 450x can seamlessly mow across hills with a 24-degree incline. This is higher than what most comparative models can handle. When put into action, most robot mowers that claim to work on steep inclines get stuck or come rolling back down the slope when trying to cross the hill. Automower 450x pulls forward with ease, still cutting away.
  • Spot Cutting
    One size doesn’t fit all — this holds true even with grass since they come in all sizes. Take a look across your lawn. You might find secluded spots where the grass is much longer than the ones in other areas. Or you may have lawn furniture on your grass with long grass underneath that you don’t mow often. With Automower 450x, you just have to select the “Spot Cutting” feature, and the mower will start cutting the chosen area in a tight spiral pattern. Once done, it will go back to mowing the rest of the lawn in its typical, randomized fashion. 
  • Mulching System
    450x clips the grass blades into very fine particles — they take very little time to dissolve into the soil, nourish it with nutrients, and insulate it against extreme heat and cold. It also helps the ground retain water much better. All of this results in a healthy, lush field of grass that looks fresh, clean, and picture-perfect. And you don’t even have to worry about going around cleaning up the clippings. 
  • Weather-resistant
    Automower 450x is specifically designed to function throughout the year, even during inclement weather conditions. So, even if it’s raining hard, the mower will still travel over the murky ground and do its job. If your lawn has a rough terrain, you can purchase coarse-threaded wheels for a better grip. 
  • Smart Speaker CompatibleSmart home systemsMost homes have Smart assistants to make their lives easier even when the phone isn’t at arms reach. If you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can use your voice to start, stop, or park the mower instead of through the app. You can also receive updates on the progress of your mower through the speaker.  Husqvarna doesn’t mention if this is compatible with Apple’s HomePod. 
  • Rain Sensor
    While it can undoubtedly mow through rain, it’s not the best idea to do so. The grass doesn’t stand upright during these conditions, which means the bent blades won’t cut. Also, you’ll have to manually clean the mower to remove any wet dirt or clumped grass clippings stuck to its components. Automower 450x comes with a rain sensor that sends the mower back “home” right when the first few drops hit the mower. 
  • Zone division
    Husqvarna Automower 450x offers the flexibility to divide your lawn into three zones and customize the mower with different settings for each of those zones. For example, if you like your front lawn grass a little taller than the ones behind your house, you can adjust the cut height to cater to your preference. 
  • Scheduling
    Automower 450x usually mows the according to a preset schedule, or do different sections at different times/days. If you program it to mow the entire area in a single session, the device will continue cutting until its battery starts running low. At this point, it will return to the charging station and then resume operation once it is fully charged. But how does it know where to start back up? It has a built-in GPS that creates a digital map of your entire lawn and keeps track of areas that have already been mowed. This way, the device isn’t going to the same area over and over again, wasting energy and delaying the mowing process.  
automatic weather schedule robot mower
  • Battery life
    Husqvarna Automower runs on an 18 Volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can mow for 270 minutes on a single charge and takes only 60 to 70 minutes to recharge itself fully. When running low on juice, it will automatically take itself to the charging station and continue work after its tank is full. 
  • Mobile Application
    Husqvarna app has an intuitive, user-friendly app for Automower 450x owners. You can use the app to schedule the mowing, its cutting height based on zones, or even trigger its return to the base station. The app will also send you real-time alerts in case the mower runs into any problems, and show you a live overview of the progress made throughout the day. Since the mower has a built-in GSM module, it will stay connected to 3G/4G regardless of where it is in your large field. That said, note that you need to purchase a SIM card for the mower and a data package. So you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to keep the mower connected. But you can almost get the cheapest plan since the mower won’t require much data to work. 
  • Safety
    Husqvarna Automower 450x has ultrasound collision sensors that keep it from colliding into any objects, especially large trees or flower beds. This is very important because you don’t want your mower to get damaged or cause nasty accidents, especially if it accidentally runs into a pet or your children. When the sensor detects something along its path, it will slow down very significantly so that the contact only feels like a gentle nudge and not a crash. After a gentle bump, it will retreat and go around the obstacle. 

    If the mower accidentally tips over while operating or if someone lifts it off the ground while it’s mowing, the blades will instantly switch off. Plus, as an added precaution, the mower keeps an adequate distance between the edge of the border and its blades. 
Husqvarna Automower 450x robot mower battery
  • Weather Timer Mode
    This is Husqvarna’s proprietary feature to maximize performance and increase the machine’s durability. 450x analyzes the weather information to zero-in on the best time to mow the lawn. For example, if it’s been frequently raining, you might find the mower cutting the grass quite often. If it’s dry, on the other hand, the mower may not go over the area many times. It draws a mowing plan based on the current need and status of your lawn.
  • Security
    The combination of PIN code and alarm system creates a strong security force to guard this mower from thieves and unauthorized users. If a burglar tries to steal and operate your mower or if your children get curious and try to use it without your permission, you will get an ‘unusual activity detected’ alert on your phone app. Plus, you can also track the real-time location of your mower by entering the PIN code into the mobile application.

HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 450X Technical Specifications

AppAutomower Connect
Battery Capacity5.2 Ah
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Voltage18V
Charge Time65 Mins
Cutting Time135 Mins
Working Area3200 m | 0.8 acres
Perimeter TypeWire
Maximum Incline24°
Cutting Width24 cm | 9.5 inch
Cutting Height - Min0.8 inch | 2cm
Cutting Height - Max2.4 Inch | 6 cm
Cutting SystemTriple discs with rotating razor blades
Cutting MotorBrushless
Wheel MotorBrushless
Sound Level58 dB
Dimensions72(L) x 56(W) x 31(H) cm | 28(L) x 22(W) x 12(H) inch
Weight13.2 kg | 29 lb
Warranty2 Years
FeaturesAuto Charging, Dual Guide Wires, Electric Height Adjustment, LED headlights, Lift and Tilt sensors, Obstacle avoidance, Settings Pannel, Smart Home Integration, Ultra Silent, Weather Timer

Husqvarna Automower 450X Vs Husqvarna Automwer 450XH

The really isn’t much different between the Automower 450X and the Automower 450XH. The only difference is the cutting height of the mower, the 450X is 0.8 inches lower than the 450XH.

  • The 450X has a cutting height of 1.2-2.4 inches or 20-60mm
  • The 450XH has a cutting height of 2-3.5 inches or 50-90mm

Should you buy the Automower 450X or the 450XH?

This should really come down to the type of lawn you have and the type of grass you have. Some varieties like a longer cut and others like it to be shorter. If you are going for a very refined lawn then the 450X would be better with its lower cutting height. But if you have a tougher higher growing grass then maybe you would prefer the 450XH.

Husqvarna 450x: How Does It Work?

Husqvarna works like most other robot mowers. It all comes down to boundary wires, which must be laid along the perimeter of the lawn. It is recommended to bury the wire a few inches below the soil. 

If there are trees, flower beds, or lawn furniture, you can circumvent these areas into islands to be avoided using a guidewire. When you start the machine, the Automower will work within the defined area in a randomized pattern and stay away from sites blocked by the guidewire. With the cutting height of 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches, you will receive an even cut all across the field unless you program it to perform different cuts in different zones.

It cuts dry and wet grass, although we do not recommend mowing the lawn if the grass is wet. You don’t have to worry about gathering and disposing of the clippings because the soil will absorb them as a natural fertilizer.

When the battery starts to drain to a certain level, it autonomously navigates back to the docking station using signals from the station or by following along the guidewire to the charging station. Once charged up again, it continues its work. Or if the mowing is done, then it’s stays put till next time. 

The mower is programmable using the display panel on the mower or through the app on your smartphone. This way, you can control it from anywhere in the world as long as you have connectivity. This mower is ideal for working at nights, too, because its performance is so quiet it won’t break anyone’s sleep or sweet dreams.

If someone tries to steal your mower, the whole unit will lock up, and if the incorrect PIN gets entered, it triggers the siren. Here’s something very valuable — your mower is uniquely matched to the charging station that you get with your purchase. So the unit won’t work in any other location. Your mower is fully loyal to you and your garden.

Husqvarna 450x: Who Is It For?

The Husqvarna 450 X is for you if you have:

  • A large, complex-shaped garden that’s about 1.25 acres or 5000 m²
  • The land contains plenty of steep hills, trees, shrubs, sculptures, etc
  • a home in a city with unpredictable or severe weather conditions
  • Want a mower that can be controlled remotely 
  • Pets and children who like to hang out in the backyard unattended
Husqvarna 450 large lawn

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest —  this mower will run you about $4,600. It is not cheap. But most of them have weaknesses, the biggest being lawn-size constraints. You won’t find an autonomous mower that works a large lawn so expertly like 450x. Its top performance, even on steep slopes, remains unmatched. 

The installation process is the only time you will spend hours with your mower. You can, of course, hire a professional to set it up for you, but that’s an added expense not many are willing to take. But once installed, the operation remains hands-free. There’s little to no maintenance involved, other than cleaning once in a while or replacing blades or batteries after a few months. 

The robust set of safety and security features makes it safe to be used around pets and children too. 

Overall, Husqvarna Automower 450x is an impressive all-around mower by a brand that has, time and time again, proven to be the best in the SMART mower field. You no longer have to waste away an entire afternoon staying leashed to a manual lawnmower. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch this mower take care of your yard even under the frying sun. 

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