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2 Best Gardena Sileno 250 Compared

So you probably came across the Gardena Sileno Minimo 250 & Gardena Sileno City while looking for a new entry-level Robotic mower and Thought to yourself “What is the difference between these two, other than the price?”

Don’t worry you are not alone, we did the same, except we actually had another thought too but we will share that at the end.

Gardena Minimo 250

Gardena Sileno Minimo 250

So as the number in the name indicates this is a robotic mower that is capable of maintaining a lawn size of up to 250sqm per week (2700sqft).

This mower has some pretty good features in comparison to other mowers in this price range which I think proves there are significant advancements in the robotic mower industry.

Safety, this mower features both tilt and lift sensors that will stop the blade when triggered as well as an anti-theft pin and alarm for security.

Sence, yes sense not sensors! this mower can sense if the ground is frozen and will adapt its mowing schedule accordingly and the same for rain and wet grass.

Cleaning, It’s hose friendly which makes maintenance a breeze, this is something that you should read your manual for first because not all mowers are the same.

Sound, They have managed to get this mower to 57db which is lower than the industry standard of 60bd.

Connectivity, Yes this mower can be fully connected via the Gardena app where you can control and program the mower as well as update it over the air! something that mowers more expensive still can not do.

Down Side of the Minimo 250

Calling it as it is, the reality is, if you are looking at this mower for your small yard then chances are it will do a great job at such a sweet price, but remember you came here to compare it to the Sileno City 250.

Gardena Sileno

Gardena Sileno City 250

The Gardena Sileno city really does look a lot like its twin the Sileno Minimo, although there are a few differences you really need to zone in to notice. The only things that we can find are that the top controls are slightly different yet they use the same app and functions. the black part of the shell on the city is dimpled and the city also has a semi-enclosed wheel, and if you are lucky enough to have the two side by side you will see the city is 1″ longer, wider and higher.

As for the functions or be it Specs of the Sileno City 250 they are for the most part identical! that’s no joke either, same battery, same connectivity, safety features, lawn size and so forth.

The #2 difference between these two robotic lawnmowers is… The City has a wider cut of 22cm compared to that of the Minimo at 16cm. yet they still can only service a 250sqm lawn (2700sqft) and the cut height is 2″ (60mm) for the city as opposed to 1.8″ (45mm) for the minimo.

Problems with the Gardena Sileno City

Again there are not any noted problems with this Automower, it is still considered pretty cheap, it has all the features you need and more for a hassle-free small yard, I guess it just comes down to wether the price difference between them is justifiable. we think not.

ModelSileno Minimo 250Silent City 250
ConnectivityBluetooth / WifiBluetooth / Wifi
Battery TypeLithiumLithium
Charge time60-75min60min
Cut time65min65min
Area2700sqft - 250sqm2700sqft - 250sqm
Parameter WireYesYes
Mix incline deg1919
Cutting width6.2" - 16cm8.6" - 22cm
Cut Height Max1.8" - 45mm2" - 60mm
Cut Height Min0.8" - 20mm0.8" - 20mm
Cutting SystemFloating RazorFloating Razor
Cut Motor??
Wheel Motor??
Sound 'db'57db57-66db
Anti TheftPin / AlarmPin / Alarm
Diemensions LxWxH20.5x13.4x8.7" - 52x34x22cm21.65x14.96x9.05" - 55x38x23cm
Weight27.9pd - 12.64kg32.1pd - 14.56kg


These mowers are made in the EU, Germany to be precise but definitely have the Italian influence on the names, Both are equally good choices and if you didn’t already know this you will be in for a treat!

Who makes Gardena Robotic Mowers?

Husqvarna does! Gardena is a sub-brand of Husqvarna which in a way is good, you will find that if you need parts you will be re-directed to Husqvarna since the mower is based on the 105 and 115h automowers.

So this got us thinking, the Gardena Sileno Minimo, Gardena Sileno City and the 115h automower HERE on Amazon are the same mowers (basically) with varying prices, is there any other mowers that are the same? Yes, we found that the Flymo easylife 250 HERE on Amazon! is again the same! we will put together a chart coming soon to show you the exact difference between these 4 robot mowers, secret, the price and warranty are the biggest changes!

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