• Build Quality
    Its a Husqvarna, so you are getting good build quality. Even if this is a very cheap device it will follow its brothers and sisters in having good build quality that we have all come to expect from Husqvarna. Along with their warranty and parts availability. So even if its limiting in areas we still expect this mower to be running around your lawn for years to come. 
  • Limited Capability
    So this one is quite limited in what it can achieve with respect to its mowing capability. Its not great when it comes to slopes and is not capable of covering large areas. We dont expect this one to cut through heavy grass either due to the fact that its only got a small battery and only brushed DC motors for the drive and cutting motors. 


  • Hardly any Features
    Wee get it… Its and entry level model and the price refelcts this. But we would have loved to see some more smarts included in this model. Maybe even just connectivity to allow it smart home integration.
  • No Connectivity
    We understand that this is meant as a low level model but we still dont know why Husqvarna dont include some connectivity in this device. Especially when they already have the App for Automower built it would take minimal work to include this mower.

Pros & Cons



Lithium Ion Battery

Automatic Scheduling


Small Cutting Width

Small battery

No Connectivity

Very Limited Features

HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 105 Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity2.1 Ah
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery Voltage18V
Charge Time50 Mins
Cutting Time
Working Area600 m² | 0.15 Acre
Zones2 Zones
Perimeter TypeWire
Maximum Incline14°
Cutting Width6.7 inch | 17 cm
Cutting Height - Min0.8 inch | 2 cm
Cutting Height - Max2 Inch | 5 cm
Cutting SystemSingle disc with pivoting razor blades
Cutting MotorBrushed
Wheel MotorBrushed
Sound Level61 dB
Dimensions21.6 x 15 x 9.8 inches | 55 x 39 x 25 cm
Warranty2 Years
Weight14.3 lbs | 6.5 kg
FeaturesAuto Charging, LCD Display