irobot terra t7 robotic lawn mower

The household robot company iRobot, responsible for creating the uber-famous Roomba, is now set to disrupt the robotic lawn mower industry. With their late entry to the market, the iRobot Terra t7 happening later this year they will be releasing a robot mower without a boundary wire. They are releasing a robotic mower, the terra t7, that will have this major feature that no other manufacturer has yet released.

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iRobot Terra t7 – A Disruptive New Robot Mower

Gardena 4069 R80li

The Gardena R80Li is a capable mower for a small lawn. It is very similar to the R50Li but this one has a lot more lawn capacity at 800m² rather than 500m².  Both mowers have all the basics like clipping mulching, fully automatic, weatherproof, and theft protection.

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Gardena R80Li Review

bosch indego 350 review

Bosch Indego 350 is a great little robot mower for someone with a little yard. Or one with separate areas that they want to cover with a small robot mower. Its main downfall is the area that it can cover. It only has a small battery and with only 350 square meters of coverage, this is the kind of robot mower you would want to get for a townhouse.

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Bosch Indego 350 Review