Robot Lawn Mower Review

Seamagic grasshopper cheap robot lawnmower

The Seamagic Grasshopper is a very entry-level automatic mower. It has the basics for a robotic lawnmower but lacks a lot of features. The company Seamagic is very new and does not yet have, at the time of writing this have a website. It has a mobile app for controlling the mower but we still think this is a very cheap and basic model and that most users would be better off going with a better-known brand. 

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SEAMAGIC Grasshopper

mcchuloch rob r1000 review

McCulloch ROB R1000 is a simple robot mower but we think that due to its lack of connectivity and mobile app this one is severely limited. Although the mower will work without them we think this limits the mower as it can not receive updates to improve its functionality. It also makes it a lot more difficult to control and set up the mower as you can not program it with your phone.

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McCulloch ROB R1000 Review