Points to think about when looking to buy a robot lawn mower.

Size and Topology of your lawn

Every lawn is different, they all have different shapes, edges, slopes, passageways and more. All these things will come into effect when buying your robot lawnmower.

Firstly, the size, you will need to calculate the total surface area of your lawn so that you know that the mower you choose has the battery capacity to cover it. No point getting a mower that will run out of juice halfway through.

The next point is finding the steepest slope on your lawn and calculating the incline of the slope. Robot lawn mowers have limits on the slope that they can deal with for several reasons.

The most obvious one is grip for the wheels. If the wheels don’t grip you are not going anywhere.

The other consideration is actually safety, all automatic mowers have a tilt switch in them that stops the blades of the mower if someone goes to turn it over. This is so that if your kid’s a neighbour or you turn it over the blades stop spinning straight away so no one gets hurt. But a mower that can go up very steep hills also needs a switch that will not stop the blades automatically when going up that slope. This is why there is a limit to how steep of a slope they can deal with.

Trees, Grass type and Obstacles on the Lawn.

So there are some autonomous lawn mowers that have heavier blades than others, for example the Robomow Mowers have heavier blades in general than a lot of others. blades similar to normal mowers, so they can chew through heavier grass and even some objects on the lawn, like twigs and other things dropped by trees. Whereas most other robot mowers have only little razor blades and don’t deal well with this kind of debris on the grass.

So, this is good if you have trees that drop things on your lawn that you want your mower to deal with but they are not so good if your kids leave toys out there and the mower goes and eats them.

Better for Peope with Allergies and Asthma!

Automatic Mowers are great for people with allergies and Asma! Why? because they create less dust and less pollen in the air. This is because they are much more friendly on your lawn and aren’t huge heavy machines like traditional lawn mowers. Not to Mention they can run at night when everyone is asleep in bed and, they don’t need someone to operate them. So, you can be safely inside with the door closed, while the mower is out there doing its job.