Here is a table of all the Robot Mower Models currently on the market. we put this together to make it easy to find the models with specific features that they are after. We hope this helps you find the information that you are after. 

There are more and more robot mowers every day and a lot of the companies have just bought out new models for 2020. 

For simplicity we have only added the max lawn size in (m²) please convert your lawn size to m² then you will know that mowers are suitable for you. 

We have also included the gradient in % not in degrees here. Again, please convet to this unit if you need to so you can find the right models for you. 

BrandModelMax Lawn AreaMax Lawn GradientBuyOur Review
AmbrogioGREEN L60200 m²50%
AmbrogioGREEN L15 Deluxe600 m²45%
AmbrogioGREEN L32800 m²45%
AmbrogioGREEN L2102800 m²45%
AmbrogioPRO L35 Basic1200 m²45%
AmbrogioPRO L35 Deluxe1800 m²45%
AmbrogioPRO L85 Elite2200 m²55%
AmbrogioPRO L250 Deluxe2600 m²45%
AmbrogioPRO L259i Elite3200 m²45%
AmbrogioPRO L250i Elite s+5000 m²45%Buy
AmbrogioPRO L350i Elite7000 m²45%Buy
AmbrogioPRO L400i Basic10000 m²45%Buy
AmbrogioPRO L400i Deluxe20000 m²45%Buy
AmbrogioNEXT Twenty Deluxe700 m²45%
AmbrogioNEXT Twenty Elite1000 m²45%
AmbrogioNEXT 4.0 Basic2200 m²45%BuyReview
AmbrogioNEXT 4.0 Elite3500 m²45%Buy
AmbrogioNEXT 4.36 Elite6000 m²45%
BelroboticsBigmow12000 m²45%
BelroboticsParcmow24000 m²45%
EchoTM100012000 m²45%
EchoTM200024000 m²45%
BoschIndego 350350 m²27%Review
BoschIndego 400400 m²27%
BoschIndego S+ 350350 m²27%
BoschIndego S+ 400400 m²27%
BoschIndego M+ 700700 m²27%
Cub cadetXR3 30002000 m²36%
Cub cadetXR3 40003000 m²36%
Cub cadetXR3 50004000 m²36%
FlymoEasiLife 200200 m²35%
Flymo1200R400 m²25%
FlymoEasiLife 500500 m²35%
FlymoEasiLife 350350 m²35%
GardenaR80Li800 m²40%BuyReview
GardenaSILENO city250/500 m²35%
GardenaSILENO life750/1000/1250 m²35%
GardenaSILENO+1600/2000 m²35%
HondaMiimo 40400 m²45%
HondaMiimo 40 Live400 m²45%
HondaMiimo 3101500 m²45%
HondaMiimo 5201500 m²45%
HondaMiimo 30004000 m²45%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 105600 m²25%Review
HusqvarnaAutomower 115H1600 m²30%Buy
HusqvarnaAutomower 3101000 m²40%BuyReview
HusqvarnaAutomower 3151600 m²40%Buy
HusqvarnaAutomower 315X1600 m²40%BuyReview
HusqvarnaAutomower 430X3200 m²45%BuyReview
HusqvarnaAutomower 430XH3200 m²45%Buy
HusqvarnaAutomower 450X5000 m²45%Buy
HusqvarnaAutomower 450XH5000 m²45%Buy
HusqvarnaAutomower 435X AWD3600 m²70%
HusqvarnaAutomower 5505000 m²45%
HusqvarnaAutomower 550H5000 m²45%
HusqvarnaAutomower 535 AWD3600 m²70%
IrobotTerra t7N/AN/AReview
John deereTANGO E5 Series II2200 m²35%
MccullochROB S600600 m²35%
MccullochROB S400400 m²35%
MccullochROB R10001000 m²25%Review
MccullochROB R600600 m²25%
RobomowRX12u250 m²15%
RobomowRC312 Pro S2000 m²36%
RobomowRC308 Pro1500 m²36%
RobomowRC308u Connect1500 m²36%
RobomowRC304u1000 m²36%Review
RobomowRS6121000 m²36%Buy
RobomowRS6303000 m²36%BuyReview
RobomowRS635 Pro SV5000 m²36%
RobomowRS625 Pro X4000 m²36%
RobomowRS615u3000 m²36%
SeamagicGrasshopper1000 m²52%BuyReview
StihlRMI 422800 m²35%
StihlRMI 422 P1500 m²40%
StihlRMI 422 PC1700 m²40%
StihlRMI 6323000 m²45%
StihlRMI 632 P4000 m²45%
StihlRMI 632 C3200 m²45%
StihlRMI 632 PC5000 m²45%
WorxLandroid M WR1401000 m²36%BuyReview
WorxLandroid M WR1431000 m²36%Buy
WorxLandroid M WR1502000 m²36%Buy
WorxLandroid M WR1532000 m²36%Buy